ea_spouse: EA: The Human Story — Read this if you want to witness the beginning of the end regarding unionization in Silicon Valley. That’s if they can accomplish it before all the jobs are lost to India. Very good.

link via R. Austinat

  1. Anonymously says:

    Two other relevant links:

    Possible Class Action

    And a former employee speaks out (by name)

  2. Tomlaureld says:

    I thought that these history lessons in school pertained to other individuals. Yes I did see those stories about slavery but I never thought that our government would let that happened.
    When I found out what happened I cried and screamed but no one listened.
    No one else had read the books and Ronald had told them (as he still does) that unions are evil thieves that absorb your money and make you vote as a Liberal Democrats.
    Oh my god that is bad!
    I guess I could just do as my country asks me to do and work for nothing seven days a week.
    Well I can look at it the other way and say that the world standard of living is improving by the lose of my job or wage and even the standard forty hour week.
    Crap it hurts. But just think those big bosses will donate their money to charity and that is where Ill be standing in line with my cup and then Ill bow toward the local church and give thanks.
    Help! Help me Ronda

  3. jammarlibre says:

    These prayers help me to keep God in my life, especially with the many distractions I encounter.o

  4. Dan says:

    Sentimental and nostalgic. Great.o

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  8. Paddy-O says:

    “there is a pay minimum on the exemption: those exempt must be paid at least $90,000 annually.”

    I’m constantly amazed about how ignorant some people are. All those hours and this person didn’t know they weren’t exempt?

    I hope the author reads this blog.

    Here ya, go. Document NOW, ALL hours worked since stating at the company.

    ALL back overtime + penalties can be yours. Either use the link above or find a good Employment atty. You may want to use the state to get the OT and then when you are fired an atty to sue for wrongful termination.

    Have fun and think of me when you are on your LONG vacation. 😉


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