Mmmm, I see you’ve supersized it for me!

New York Daily News – Business – Supermodel Heidi Klum curves for Golden Arches — She eats a french fry once in a while? Maybe has a glass of wine. This “spokesmodel” exemplifies what you might look like if you don’t eat at McDonalds. Are these people clueless? Or do they think the public is just that dumb?

Klum, who gave birth to a girl in May, admitted a taste for junk food long before landing her McDonald’s gig. “I like to be healthy and eat well, but I also like to have a good time and have an occasional glass of wine or French fries,” Klum said in an interview earlier this year with the London newspaper the Mirror. “I also travel like crazy, which can mess up anyone’s training and eating schedule,” added Klum, girlfriend of the British pop singer Seal, who once worked at a McDonald’s in London.

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  1. Rob McEwen says:

    McDonald’s is still reeling and trying to think of ways to recover from the movie “Super Size Me”… and I’m sure that anything they have tried or might try in the future will be too little, too late. In fact, dumb attempts like this will only make them look worse.

  2. K B says:

    “Mmmm, I see youve supersized it for me!”
    I nominate that for your best caption ever. ROFLMAO !!!

    What an absolutely gorgeous woman.

    Hilariously, when I went to H.K.’s website, the English link could not be found and I received the German “Die Seite wurde nicht gefunden” (i.e., “Page Not Found”), but when I clicked on Deutsch, it took me to the English-language page. 🙂 Don’t forget to work the Heidi Klum puzzle while you are there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hehehe, I love this blog entry.

    First, does anorexia make one a supermodel? I love how the ratings for Miss America keep declining and eventually it will be on cable or something. Yeah, photos of “supermodels” don’t make it obvious, but these women look like Ethiopians in person, anyways …

    While it is fun to knock the “average consumer”, I wonder how many computers were sold by Mr. “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” a.k.a. Steven… did people think that getting a Dell would make them “cooler”. Yes, they did.

    So, McDonalds hiring a supermodel is a logical choice. The same people who think buying a Dell is “cool”, who think buying an G4 is the mark of sophistication will now think that it’s ok for the beautiful people to eat at McDonalds.

    Right now, the beautiful people avoid McDonalds because “that isn’t the kind of place where people like us eat”. McDonalds is trying to lose the stereotype of being a place where only fat slobs and lower income people and people on vacation eat.

    Will it work? Certainly … Sinbad certainly sold quite a few McRib sandwiches to the African-American community. Soon perhaps they will be increasing the share in the Korean market by offering McFido sandwiches.

    I don’t know why McDonalds didn’t buy the grilled cheese sandwich with the Virgin Mary on it, they must be kicking themselves over that lost opportunity. They could selling McCheese Grilled Selects in the “Red States” by the truckloads.

  4. K B says:

    I just thought of another good caption for your photo: “Got milk?” 🙂

    (Even though it’s been up for a while– the post that is– it’s still hard– I mean difficult– to screw– I mean “scroll”– past it.)

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