Compared to a big Rolex, the watch is still big!

Fossil — This is the topic of conversation in this week’s CBS Marketwatch column. It works! And, yes, I know the times on the two watches are not the same!

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  1. Greg K. says:

    My $25 Casio looks just like that Rolex. What a waste of money.

  2. John C. Dvorak says:

    You are so right. That’s an $18 fake Rolex from NYC. You indeed got ripped off!!!

  3. Bill Geiser says:

    John…..I very much enjoyed reading your CBS Marketwatch article on WristPDA.

    I want to elaborate on your comment about how we’ve ‘sustained growth for so long when most people now use their cell phone to tell time’. The fact is we really don’t see phones replacing watches.

    Case in point – Fossil’s 2004 revenues soared again….and we are seeing much higher growth rates in countries (such as Japan and Korea) where cell phone pentration is much higher than it is in the US.

    More importantly — our goal is to bring the fashion industry into the digital age by making watches ‘fashionable accessories’ for connected, digital devices.” So, while others may not seee it — there will be considerable product synergy between watches and mobile phones.

    Stay tuned!

    Bill Geiser
    VP Watch Technology

  4. Ed says:

    $18 for a fake Rolex?!?!… If you pretend to walk away they let them go for $10!

  5. John C. Dvorak says:

    I’m just trying to make a point. Sheesh.

  6. C. Lewin says:

    I take it there is not a smaller “ladies” version for we gals.

  7. Michael Cuthbertson says:

    This Fossil gizmo may be impractical and not very useable for all but the nearsighted, but they are making an important fashion statement nonetheless. I think strapping ugly, clunky things to one’s wrist is au courant with the ripped up, unmatched goodwill-bag clothing being pushed by the fashionisti today, no?
    The ugly-strapped-on look also has it’s useful side: keeping track of your stuff.
    I see a hot new fashion accessory: the Ugly Crap Strap(tm) – or just Crap Strap(tm), for short.
    This is a hi-tech, NASA approved space age band of velcro with a velcro-ed adhesive pad.
    Just wrap the Crap Strap around your wrist and stick whatever crap you like right on your wrist!
    Cool, yes? Certainment!
    An obvious remedy for those obnoxious nitwits who love to dine while while “celling”. I say, let these boors strap
    their plate of Wilted Baby Argula Buds and Hand-Cut Artisan Pork Chops to their Crap Strap and
    get the hell out of the restaurant!
    An immediate use I can see from your article is an alarm clock! Imagine a nice, solid Big Ben
    hanging off your wrist!(Watch out Fossil!). Handy for getting out of long meetings or tiresome
    chitchat at the clubs.
    Speaking of clubs – why not strap your beer to your Crap Strap? Avoid misplacing it or having some TB-ridden freeloader slobbering in it when you’re trying to keep those attractive babes from running off with that clod with the alarm clock.
    But I think the real future, as Fossil clearly sees, is strapping your PDA to your Crap Strap.
    My friend Gregg Peterson’s daughter seems to have misplaced his Dell PDA someplace, so he’ll be my first customer – whenever he finds the damn thing.


  8. Greg K. says:

    LOL, do you have a Rolex Dvorak?

  9. John C. Dvorak says:

    I use a sundial.

  10. Hank C says:

    Am I the only one here who would like a PDA wrist watch? Kudos to Fossil.

    I used to have the Timex DataBank and it really REALLY helped me organize my life. Having the unlimited alarms was the best feature.

    I guess there wasn’t enough demand to keep the Databank in production. Judging from the comments here, there still may not be.

  11. Graham W. says:

    Well this product is a step in the right direction. I like my Palm Tungsten E but it is still too heavy to be really convenient. On the wrist is a better idea but the screen is too small. I would widen it along the arm. The display needs to be flexible or at least curved convex instead of flat. You need to be able to write on it with a fingernail instead of a special stylus. I hate the special stylus. And of course, the thinner the better. Throw in methanol fuel cell power and a $600 price point and I am customer 1.

  12. Hank C says:

    I don’t need a whole Palm on my wrist — just a calendar (with limitless alarms), a to-do list, address book and notes. (A few games might be a nice bonus.).

    Then, of course, this needs to sync with my Palm, Outlook and similar.

  13. Thai says:

    This watch looks really awesome…I am in the market to replace my Sony clie’ w/ a phone/PDA, but I think a watch/PDA is much more practical. And this won’t break the sight lines in my pant’s pocket!
    Where and when can I get one?

  14. Russ says:

    Looks like your Rolex has stopped. Since its a self-winder you must have been wearing the Whopper and left the Rolex in the drawer. Actually if they could add a phone and a GPS to it I will take one. Better yet they could also have it take your pulse, blood pressure, temperature and if abnormal it could be programmed to call 911, or maybe the nearest mortuary.

  15. Wendell says:

    I take it the watch/PDA is not bluetooth enabled. That would seem to be a + compared to a USB cable for keeping it sync’d. I wouldn’t mind the footprint, but I probably couldn’t wear it because I can’t stand the thickness of my fake Rolex, and this looks like it’s nearly twice as thick!


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