Xinhua – English — It’s not like this has taken off. Just note that everytime you read about human contact with this disease the fatality rate is around 85-percent. That’s why they get so freaked.

HANOI, Jan. 26 (Xinhuanet) — Bird flu has, since January, spread to 26 cities and provinces across Vietnam, killing and leading to the forced culling of over 613,000 fowls, local newspaper Youth reported Wednesday.

A total of 454 areas in 263 communes of 26 out of 64 localities nationwide have been hit by bird flu. The latest locality being hit by the disease is northern Thai Nguyen province.

Since Dec. 28, 2004, a total of 11 human cases of bird flu infection have been reported in Vietnam, eight in the south and three in the north. Among the 11 victims, nine have died.

Among the two alive patients, one has already recovered fully, and the other will be discharged from the Tropical Disease Institute in Hanoi capital city in a couple of days, local doctorssaid, noting that early hospitalization is largely attributed to their recovery.

  1. K B says:

    From the “related stories” link on that page…. I wish I could get that lady to move her sign. If she’s trying to make the point that she actually looks better out of leather, I’m buying it.

  2. James says:

    Which proves my contention: people will put anything in their mouths.

    In a vegan world we wouldn’t have these problems.

  3. John C. Dvorak says:

    Wow…thanks for the research notes. Readers of this blog should also be advised that you have a fighting chance against H5N1 if you can get Tamiflu into you right away.

  4. meetsy says:

    James in a vegan world we’d all be suffering from B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin A deficiencies…..bad skin, poor health, and would need to resort to eating BUGS to survive.
    Ahh, poor James, he consumes the excrement of the cow, but not it’s flesh.

  5. TwelveTwo says:

    I don’t see what you have against bugs to balance a diet. You can simply eat an insectivore diet fused with a vegetarian diet, and live cheaper and healthier, and more morally free!

  6. TwelveTwo says:

    Ack ack, I don’t mean morally free, but morally rich.

  7. david says:

    What about mad cow disease? Just look at how we mass produce meat. We feed cows unnatural diets of corn/meat carcasses that they were never designed to digest, inject them with constant antibiotics to keep them alive long enough so they can be slaughtered, and commit them to miserable lives with no exercise, daylight or grazing. This is the only way to supply the great demand at a price that is affordable. The only way to free the animals of their Auschwitz is by limiting demand, which means people would have to limit their intake of meat. There is no difference between killing cows, pigs and fowl and killing cats, dogs, and human babies. Sure a baby has the *potential* of being infinately more intelligent, but a newborn is as conscious and intelligent of the world as any adult cow. The reason we might be mortified by this is because we cannot accept that we are animals ourselves , and also, of course, that the newborn will eventually *evolve* into the highest form of living existence on Earth. The farm factorization of livestock is teetering on an epidemic unheard of since the black plague, and just like it, it is our own ignorance/denial of the situation that created it.

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  14. pet-du says:

    The fatality rate is around 85-percent? Much higer than what I thought before.


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