CBC News: U.S. shoots down missile in test near Hawaii — Hmm..I’m thinking this is really a message to North Korea. Of course this freaks everyone out! Hello Roman Empire 2005. This is, of course, without the benefits!

WASHINGTON – The American military has successfully shot down a missile in a test of its missile defence system conducted off Hawaii.

The USS Lake Erie launched its Standard Missile SM-3 interceptor to knock down a mock warhead fired from a missile range on the island of Kauai, 160 kilometres away, the Pentagon said Thursday.

“We had a successful hit-to-kill intercept,” said Richard Lehner, a spokesperson for the U.S. Missile Defense Agency.

  1. TwelveTwo says:

    Does the interface for it look like this?

  2. Gershon says:

    Really, 160 km isn’t that far, the Arrow missle system dveleoped here in Israel could have probably done that. Looks like they are trying to show some success after two failures with the longer ranged systems that they tried in the past!

  3. Ed Campbell says:

    Not that it can’t get qualitatively better; but, let me know when someone capable of launching an ICBM at the US — also rings you up in advance and gives you the coordinates for it’s track!

    Even with that info, these dweebs screw up about 50% of the time.

    It’s called production of non-consumable goods and provides a welcome subsidy to that portion of the military-industrial thievery who aren’t [presently] getting a chunk of oil profits. And helps to keep the fearful trembling in their shorts.

  4. Thomas says:

    How does this make us like the Romans? If we invade, we’re war mongers. Are you suggesting that by building a defense system we’re somehow trying to keep the barbarians at the gate? That doesn’t leave a lot of middle ground. Does not compute Will Robinson.

  5. Ray Trygstad says:

    Old–nay, in technological terms, almost ancient–news. (Take it from an old Navy guy–no, not the store, the armed service!) The Standard Missile has been in the U.S. inventory since 1968, and the SM-3 ABM varient was first tested in 2002, so there is really nothing new here. The current test program was already 4 for 5; now I guess it’s 5 for 6. You can see the details of the SM-3 program in the GlobalSecurity.org SM-3 article.

  6. david says:

    North Korea is not the problem. It’s that unstable leader at the helm.

    Why don’t we just take him out– surreptitously, say like him suffering a heart attack while watching a really booming-bass version of the upcoming movie, “King Kong”?


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