List in Space! OK. Here is the wackiest thing I’ve seen in years. Now you can be assured that your Criagslist post will be beamed into outer space in case aliens want something you have. Seriously!

Beam your craigslist ad into space
WHAT: craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster won an eBay auction for the first private communication transmission light years into deep space, with the idea of offering this opportunity to craigslist users.

HOW: The friendly folks at Deep Space Communications Network (DSCN) will beam the postings trillions of miles into space using redundant klystron transmitters and a satellite dish.

HOW MUCH: The winning bid was $1225, but craigslist is negotiating with DSCN for extra capacity to accomodate the anticipated volume of craigslist postings to be transmitted – 10,000 ads were designated by users for transmission during the first 24 hours!

WHEN: The transmission is currently scheduled for May 15th, 2005, directly following the launch of the space shuttle Discovery.

WHERE: Cape Canaveral, FL

WHY: It seemed fitting for craigslist users to be the first to beam internet postings and classified ads into deep space.

via M. Cuthbertson

  1. Jim says:

    Somebody once said that the benefits of the space program were unlimited, but leave it to the American people to piss them away. This craigslist thing might be a little wacky, but hey it is free advertising. Maybe they’ll send some of the wacky Google ads out into space and some other life form will communicate via the Google evaluation bot and the Great Google Ad Test will reach the final frontier. Maybe some of the wacky Google ads are being posted from a far and distant planet with some sort of high power wi-fi system we don’t have yet. Maybe they are trying to reach us and make contact using the Google bots. Get ready for the Great Google Ad Wars, may the force be with you. It makes as much sense as some of the wacky Google ads I’ve seen.

  2. Mike Stanczyk says:

    Now I know why aliens keep coming to destroy the Earth!

    It’s all the spam we are sending into space.

  3. jojo says:

    Ha! You think that is wacky? How about this?

    Some idiot got a patent on how to make a sandwich! The patent office needs to be reformulated for sure.


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