Baby Boomer Blog — I was taken aback when I ran onto this blog. Here we have so-called baby boomers, most in their late middle age, still thinking of themselves as baby boomers. The point being? ? ? It’s interesting in some weird way.

  1. Alex says:

    They are still boomers…thats ite is very strange. I am going to be paying a lot more attention to how boomers talk to each other. I find it so incredibly boring that it is almost a relaxing read. Perhaps it is purposeful?

  2. sharon gikber says:

    what if there was a “retirement association” for BOOMERS that was hip and about more than blue hair and boring cruises or bus tours–what if there was an association to join that did some of the cool stuff that dorky aarp does like discounts and lobbying against age discrimination, keeping social security in tact etc but
    but also spoke to things boomers might dig like
    giving back to the world through environmental work
    wholistic and longevity lectures, tours and crises with the gurus and cutting edge scientists in the field of life extention etc etc etc get my drift? I already have a name for it and i am bursting with this idea

    well i am doing it…………what are your thoughts boomers out there????

  3. paula lord says:

    impeach bush he is playing fast and loose with our constituition do it before he decides to send troops to iran somedays i feel like i have had thirty years of sleep and nixon has returned and viet nam never ended we got fooled again did we not?

  4. Danny Boy says:

    I am new to computers but i have been looking at things from my past. Do you remember the pedal cars of the 50/60 era. We had to make our own energy (not Battery powered) they are coming back! I am going to buy one for my game room so my Grandkids can see what we played with as kids. Does anybody know where to get other things of our past? I live in Ellis County Texas (next to Dallas,) and we now have a Drive-in theater, how long has it been since you saw one of those. Cant wait to take my grandkids.


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