Guess-the-google — Here’s a new online game that asks you to guess search queries. Do well and you get listed too! Great time killer. Play it at work!

uncovered by B. Koon

  1. Bryan says:


    but it seems a little borkEn.

    About half the time when a round started it showed me pictures from a previous round, and wouldn’t get around to refreshing them and showing me the pictures for THIS round until there was only 5 seconds left on the clock.

    maybe it was my system/connection or maybe it is working as designed, but it was too frustrating to play more than 1.5 times…

  2. Jim says:

    Here is a Google hack. Go match passwords with FrontPage users.ext:pwd inurl:(service | authors | administrators | users) “# -FrontPage-”

    There are a ton of Google hacks. The thing about Google is that you can eliminate a whole bunch of guessing games. I’ve been looking around for Google Bot hacks. I found some. If it can go wrong, it will and at the worst possible moment. Just blame everything on the Google Bot.
    The new new thing is Google hack victims.
    Go Away
    Larry and Sergey are off on their luxury yacht with Playboy centerfolds and the rest of the public is trying to recover from some Google privacy attack and it gets worse. The Stanford idea. You have no privacy.

  3. sunglobaltom says:

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