Tumbleweed Tiny House Company | Houses — Fascinating plans for small homes. How we may all be living in 2010.

  1. Ima Fish says:

    Heck, as far as I’m concerned we’ll be lucky to have cardboard boxes if we survive the rest of W’s term and 8 years of Jeb.

  2. Tomas42064 says:

    It looks like some of the post offices in Kentucky.

  3. Jim Dermitt says:

    By 2010 every home will have a small fuel cell, so you can have a bigger house and not have to pay the utility crooks to heat and A/C it. The entire power grid will be gone. No more Enrons or their industry. All of the utilities will go wireless and tele-net communications will be optical fiber and wireless. Copper wire will be toast. Coal fired utilities will be horse and buggy stuff. Aircraft will not burn jet fuel in 2010. I’ll check back with you in 2008 for an update, if they don’t kill all of us first.

  4. Ed Campell says:

    What delightful designs!

    Our home is a very traditional hacienda — four buildings around a courtyard — built over the years by my father-in-law. My wife and I took it over when he built himself a new, smaller hacienda, up the road.

    The buildings are a garage, a workshop, a 600 sq.ft. guesthouse — with 2 bedrooms at opposite ends, common living and cooking in the middle. It can house two portions of our extended family. And you only heat what you’re living in. We heat with a single wood-burning stove in each of the 2 dwellings and the workshop.

    The “main” house is 1200 sq.ft. for my wife and me and two dogs. Sitting back and looking at how much of it we actually live in — we use about 800 sq. ft.. I think we’d be perfectly happy, dogs and all, in a thoughtfully designed 500 sq. ft.. Actually, while my father-in-law was building that other home, we lived in the guesthouse — just fine.

  5. Jim Dermitt says:

    One of the ideas for modern living in the 1960’s was to take a closet and covert it into a phone booth. You put the phone in the closet, cut a hole in the door and installed glass. The exterior craze was vertical siding, for a fresh contemporary look. They never could get the bricklayers to lay the brick in a vertical pattern. They kept working left to right, like writers do. Deep bottle blue was a new idea in decorating color around 1968.

    In 1966 there was the a scanner with no PC. There wasn’t a PC yet! It was the Spiratone Accurapid Stabilization Processor $99.95. The deal was that you could enjoy making prints without mixing chemicals and spending long hours in the darkroom. They claimed you could make finished dry prints in about 15 seconds. My inkjet still takes longer than that!

    You can still get deep bottle blue neckties.
    Description: In swirling script, the names of god are listed against a random mosaic background of moss green and deep bottle blue on a fine necktie of 100% silk.
    Here’s a picture link

  6. Jim Dermitt says:

    The name accurapid is still around. It went from being a fast photo scanner in 1966 to being used a DNA scanner now.

    The AccuRapid DNA Ligation Buffer is optimized for quick and high efficient ligation of cohesive or blunt-ended DNA fragments.

    They had an electric hair comb in 1966, that teenagers would enjoy.
    It was from Owen Franks of California, Inc. 7471 Greenbush St. No. Hollywood.

    See Law & Order “Patient Zero” (episode # 14.3) 8 October 2003
    Franks, Mabel, beaten by husband, Owen Franks; she shoots him, he takes off as cops arrive, 1950/09/08

    Then there was the Engler “Universal Car-Desk clock $14.90. This battery operated clock leads a double life. Use it as a desk clock or attach the special velcron base to the dashboard to use as a car clock.

  7. Jason says:

    Very cool.

    Buy property in 2-3 locations around the country.

    When you get bored just move for awhile!

  8. Pat says:

    This type of house is quite common in our neck of the woods. They are semi-permanent “homes” in the mobile trailer parks. These parks have developed a continuing community over the years with their residents living in the cities during the week and then spending the weekend at the park.


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