AOL’s Terms of Service Update for AIM Raises Eyebrows — Of course now they deny that this has anything to do with person to person IM’s. That said, the TOS says it does. It’s the TOS and license people click on. Onerous agreements must be rejected.

America Online, Inc. has quietly updated the terms of service for its AIM instant messaging application, making several changes that is sure to raise the hackles of Internet privacy advocates.

The revamped terms of service, which apply only to users who downloaded the free AIM software on or after Feb. 5, 2004, gives AOL the right to “reproduce, display, perform, distribute, adapt and promote” all content distributed across the chat network by users.

“You waive any right to privacy. You waive any right to inspect or approve uses of the content or to be compensated for any such uses,” according to the AIM terms-of-service.

It also appears as if AOL is going to completely change the IM system it employs.

  1. Miguel Lopes says:

    I hope this awareness becomes REALLY PUBLIC and everyone dumps AIM!!! And any IM that tries to follow AOL’s ‘lead’!

  2. Josef says:


    looks like they will adopt MS Messenger to please Big Billy..

  3. Jim Dermitt says:

    Timesonline reports “Internet-users who chat with friends using MSN and AOL Instant Messenger services are being targeted by hackers spreading viruses to empty internet bank accounts.”,,2-1584379,00.html

    I guess this is virus banking. If that’s what you get for your money, you may want to just stick with paper money. I’m still using paper maps. The Earth could be square, but I doubt it. There are some new flat Earth believers out there. I go up a hill and my truck doesn’t know the Earth is flat yet and the gas gauge is still analog. Maybe I just need a digital gas gauge in my old truck. The gas pumps are all digital and so are the gas prices.

  4. Adam says:

    Old news.. They’ve backed down on it.


  5. Jim Dermitt says:

    It’s a blog, there is no old news anymore Adam. This isn’t the LA Times here.

  6. Anthony says:

    I have to agree with Adam. Where have you been the last month John?

  7. site admin says: was sitting in the pile of things to post and I just got around to it. Sorry. Geez.

  8. Anthony says:

    Better late then never?

  9. Pat says:

    but even better never late


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