Switzerland — Here is my slideshow from Switzerland with a lot of mountain shots taken from a helicopter and also a hot air balloon. Quite a gorgeous country from top to bottom. The Swiss are a little stiff, but not unpleasant — at least the ones I was with.

I’ll try to post new and interesting slideshows weekly.

  1. Miguel Lopes says:

    Oops, it’s linking to the Venice slideshow.

  2. Brenda Helverson says:

    Did you happen to see any confiscated WWII money while you were in Switzerland? The Swiss are stiff because their conscience is bothering them. It should. They built their society with Nazi money stolen from dead people.

    And then there is the story of Chimp Grandpa Prescott bush.

  3. Miguel Lopes says:

    The photo links to the switzerland slideshow but the word ‘Switzerland’ links to the Venice one.

  4. Ed Campbell says:

    Brenda, not-to-flame; but, condemning “the Swiss” for the collaborations of their WW2 government with the Hitler Reich — is about as sensible as condemning “the Germans” of 2005 for the Hitler Reich, itself.

    There are differences in how nations reflect upon their past — of course. Witness the contemporary Japanese government’s unabashed ass-kissing of the small, vocal Jingoist portion of their electorate or Israelis who allow anti-democratic and egregious policies, completely in parallel to their antecedents’ in Fascist-run ghettoes.

    But, in general, if you sat down next to a Swiss citizen and shared a beer [or coffee] or two, you’d probably have a decent conversation about the guilt of the grandfathers and fathers of present-day politicians. And, then, they’d ask if you always spent your political life in the past?

  5. K B says:

    “And, then, they’d ask if you always spent your political life in the past?” –Ed Campbell

    And they might even add, “So, how are the American Indians doing these days?” 😉

  6. mike cannalli says:

    Looks like the bridge in Lucerne
    did you
    go to the tranportation museum?

  7. site admin says:

    That is indeed the Brdige in Lucerne — and not the museum was not visited…sorry to say


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