Top Horoscope Sites Reviewed — I got on this horoscope jag and decided to look at all the sites I could and rate them. It was actually fun, especially when you click on your sign (oh, brother) and find that no two systems give you the same prediction or information. Many are totally contrary to each other. I honestly don’t see how people find this useful. Apparently the idea is to find someone who jives with you and follow their advice. Then you will never have to think for yourself again.

One reason I got into this was because it’s seems as if some executives in our superstitious rapture-centric government probably use one of these systems to make daily decisions. While you think I might be kidding, know that it’s fairly well known in California political circles that Reagan used astrology all the time most likely at the behest of his wacky wife, Nancy. His inauguration in California as Governor was done at some gosh awful midnight hour because of what the Astrologer told them.

And it turns out that these sites are highly entertaining. Read the reviews here.

  1. Anthony says:

    With out looking at the list (yet) I have always thought is pretty awesome.

    The fact that Yahoo uses them for their astrology section must say good things about it also.

    A list of choices is always nice however.

  2. The Onion has a regular horoscope column. It makes more sense than regular ones. (The Onion is the first result in Google for the word “the”)

    Note: This week, The Onion, has been set in 2056. So, the horoscope is not in its usual setting. Still, it is eminently readable.

  3. rita says:

    CyberAstro’s Astrology experts provide you with accurate and in-depth future predictions that are based on methods of the Ancients and help you to discover your true self.

  4. Melissa Wood says:

    Your site is great. I really enjoyed reading your input. I love the Sally Brompton scope and I really miss Jill Goodman on Style. Those scopes stopped airing the first of the year.
    Check out two of my favorites.


  5. Melissa Wood says:

    Sally Brompton’s site used that pay mechanism for a couple of weeks, but they tossed it out ages ago and returned to the free scopes.

    check it out: I think she is one of the best.


  6. Horoskop says:

    Here’s #1 astrology site for Serbia :

  7. Love Horoscopes says:

    Thanks for the information,,,, Im fanatic of all this things 🙂

  8. Franko says:

    The Onion horoscope really is the only one worth reading … (the 2056 readings show incredible insight).


  9. Mike W. says:

    Jill Goodman landed on her feet and her daily horoscopes can be found at

  10. Shannon says:

    The problem you are seeing is that there is too much “pre-digested crap” that is given out for public consumption because it is almost impossible for the majority of people to make money as an astrologer these days without resorting to this garbage. The Sun sign stuff, especially, and the daily/weekly/monthly magazine style “horoscopes”.

    Astrology, for anyone who does a serious inquiry and takes the time to actually learn how it actually works, is an amazingly complex, subtle and beautiful language that will never cease to amaze you.

    The problem is that 99.999% of people aren’t interested in learning, or putting any actual effort into it. Thinking? Too much work. They want daily horoscopes!

    After almost 19 years of study into the subject of astrology (natal and synastric, mainly) which started off with me planning to “expose it as BS from the inside out”, I can say that quite the reverse of you, I can’t understand how it is that everybody doesn’t use astrology. It’s insanely useful…

    Of course, it all goes back to cutting through the layer of scum and “pre-digested crap” that floats at the surface, which most people will never do even if they are willing to put in the effort to learn, simply because they don’t think it has any genuine value to begin with.

    If our government was run by consult to the best astrologers, we surely would be better off…

  11. FALALA says:

    I really find it intrigueing that there is a possibility that the stars can affect your life.

  12. Stanley says:

    Astrology only serves to complicate the matter…….hmmmm but its also solves the matter in some cases.

  13. romasingh says:

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  14. popo says:

    Personally I’m a big fan of the horoscopes at

    iFate has a more DIY approach to everything from Tarot to I Ching and doesn’t ram meaning down your throat.


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