VDARE.com: 07/27/05 – Departing Iraq — This rant by right-winger Paul Roberts is pretty scorching — a tirade.

A true patriot does not confuse government with country. A patriot’s loyalty is to his country, and loyalty to country requires holding government accountable.

It’s this last quote (above) that’s the kicker. I’m certain that more and more of these tirades will appear. I see that guys like this who are loyal and very Conservative Republicans are now referred to as RINOS (Republican in name only) by the likes of Ann Coulter and various other administration stooges. That has to gall them to no end.

  1. Jim Dermitt says:

    I think Iraq is just going to lead to more problems. As the problems grow, you are going to see more Republicans grasping for answers. The Bush Administration keeps saying how this is going to all work out. The facts suggest it isn’t working out according to plan. There needs to be a new plan or some big changes in the current plan or this situation in Iraq will not improve. There are U.S. troops being killed and a hell of a lot of money being poured into the Iraq war, occupation, democratization or whatever you call it. This can’t continue forever and until things start look better in Iraq and the violence slows down, excuses won’t cut it. We have the most effective military in the world and the policies seem to be wrong and the result is a continuation of fighting and violence. The enemy is poorly equipped, poorly funded and disorganized and we can’t defeat them in a few months or a year. Something is wrong with that picture.

  2. Brian says:

    With respect to RINOs I have heard the opposite. The more liberal wing of the party represented by Governor Schwarzenegger and Mayor Bloomberg seems to be tagged with that title. In fact, Bloomberg was a lifelong Democrat until he ran for mayor and switched parties because there were a lot of people running in the Democrat primary.

  3. Ethan Bearman says:

    Wow! Quite the scathing article. I highly doubt that anytime soon we will see a high level official of this administration prosecuted for any wrong-doings, however.

  4. Mister Mustard says:

    Hehehe. Not a good time to be a NeoCon. Their president (and most of his warmongering advisors) is a chickenhawk, the guy who makes the president’s lips move is a traitor, their “fiscal conservatism” has gone down the crapper in a tsunami of red ink (helped, in large part, by the dishonestly-started invasion of and neverending war in Iraq). Now even the “RINOS” (whom most folks would consider to be the REAL Republicans) are turning their backs on the fetid stink of today’s “administration”.

    A couple of well-placed tax breaks for the rich are one thing, but just about NOBODY with a conscience can abide the sleaze that’s oozing out of this regime.

    And will somebody PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THAT RECTANGULAR OBJECT UNDER DUMBYA’S JACKET WAS DURING THE DEBATE??? I smell a coverup! Where the deuce are all those commie muckrackers from the NY Times and LA Times and Washington Post when you need them??? Has the erstwhile “liberal, left-leaning, elite” press been swallowed that deeply into the belly of the beast??

  5. Ed Campbell says:

    You got the RINO thing right. There’s one Conservative member of my family who’s been a registered Republican for 50 years — who went down to the county offices, 2 weeks ago, and had his registration changed to Independent.

    He can’t in good conscience let anyone think these shitheels in Congress and the White House represent him, anymore.

  6. Dfrag says:

    Republicans! Where Art Thou!?

  7. AB CD says:

    If this is Paul Craig Roberts, then he’s very close to Pat Buchanan politically, and I haven’t seen him called a RINO. RINO usually refers to a New England / Northeast Republican who votes against tax cuts and social conservative issues, with examples like Specter and Collins. Lincoln Chafee admits he is close to switching parties. These people have historical roots to the Republican Party of a more elitist variety with a focus on balanced budgets, but not necessarily limited government. Massachusetts was once a bastion of this Republicanism.

  8. Totodogs says:

    But the majority of the tragically pathetically deluded mass voted for this administration. I’m beginning to think we must be such a minority that maybe we should just pool our money and buy a small continent somewhere and just leave the U.S. to the republican spoilers…let it go with a Darwinian Inevitability….and bid farewell.


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