Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Bush Won’t Release All Miers Records — Why did Bush nominate her in the first place if he was going to do this?

Risking a possible clash with the Senate, President Bush insisted Monday he will not turn over documents detailing the private advice that Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers has given him while serving in the White House.

With Miers’ nomination facing continued opposition from conservatives, Bush sidestepped a question of whether the White House was working on a contingency plan for her withdrawal. At the same time, he was emphatic about not turning over papers relating to the “decision-making process, what her recommendations were.”

  1. AB CD says:

    They’re not Miers’ records, their the White House’s records. They shouldn’t hand over notes ofr every meeting. Should she be forced to hand over all records for her work as a lawyer, like client meetings?

  2. Who Would Jesus Cut Taxes For (WWJCTF) says:

    Shrub’ll cut his losses on Miers if need be. Especially if they discussed torture.

  3. Awake says:

    “Bush’s brain” has been distracted by the possible indictments against him, so the Bush scarecrow has been doing his own thinking (“If I only had a brain!”). In reality, Bush is a man with few true allies and friends, since he really is such a phony and everybody sees it. So he has nobody to choose to go to for advice right now. Maybe he has become convinced that he can make good choices on his own, or maybe God spoke to him again. Whatever the reason, the Miers choice is indicative of the ‘true’ Bush presidency: directionless, hard headed, closed circle and full of highly questionable choices.
    One thing that always resonates in my mind is the scene in a Frontline episode, little noticed, where James Baker invites Bush to his house to be interviewed as a possible presidential candidate. One of the interviewers: Condoleezza Rice. At that meeting they decided that they had found someone with the right combination of qualities (well known last-name, born-again to attract a certain electorate, weak minded hence easily influenced) that they ran for president, yet the whole thing is collapsing around them.
    I wonder if Bush is like Nixon was right before his end… wandering the halls of the White house, mumbling incoherently at the pictures of previous presidents? Some say he already is at that point.

  4. Wizard of Odds says:

    Like in any game board, one has to sacrificing a pawn to get a bigger prize.

  5. Me says:

    This is an obvious face saving move.

    Now he tell public the withdrawal in not about her qualifications, but the fight with the Senate committee about document access.

  6. BOB G says:

    Well I for one agree with John on this one. I have wondered for years how a company with such a small share of market could generate such a huge amount of free publicity. I hate to say it but other then the universitys no one in the flyover states has a mac.and if they do there is no one around who can work on it. and yes evan macs need work now and then.

  7. twdldee says:

    He won’t hand over the documents because Myers probably told him when he could probably get away with a hit of coke here and there without it having serious repercussions on the world.

    It would be cool to see what Myers thought of Abu Graibass, Rovegate (before it broke), Republican National Comittee money laundering, trumping up a bluffed hand for getting Daddy’s arch nemesis out of power, legal implications of burning hundreds of billions of dollars to indirectly reduce the size of the federal government, inquiries on what exactly he could get away with in Guantinmo Bay, Bush daughters follies, legalities of RNC fundraising, legalities of establishing a Holy American Empire with himself as the first ruler, legalities of getting piss drunk in the oval office (k’mon Georgie, you know you want it), legalities of paying back those judges that got him off the hook when he got high off coke and alcohol and drive a car off the road, legal implications of violating Geneva conventions, whether or not the Geneva conventions apply to the US, permission to piss in Saddam’s coffee while he was awaiting trial, how many vacations the president can really take, if I weren’t so damn lazy, I would definitely come up with more, sorry.

  8. RTaylor says:

    John I see you’re still playing with Photoshop. I thought based on your column you were swearing off of it. 😉

  9. Ima Fish says:

    Oh come on Reuben, when was the last time you ever heard anything bad about Apple in major news outlet?! It’s obvious the bias is there. But I think it’s even worse than what John thinks.

    Apple still gets good press over the original G3 iMac and it was a damn flop! By “flop” I mean it did absolutely NOTHING to increase the company’s market share. It was bought as 2nd computer by Apple-heads and Windows user didn’t switch. In fact, I know of three Apple-heads who switched to Windows during that time as they felt XP was good enough for what they wanted to do.

    When you’re at the bottom, merely selling a product isn’t enough. You have to show that your market is growing. That you’re turning the decline around. Despite years and years of attempts to get Windows users to switch Apple has failed in every attempt. That’s worthy of praise?!

    Apple should simply sell of its PC business and concentrate on its profitable portable players and iTunes.

  10. twdldee says:

    really who cares? We’re more interested in Clinton’s views on sex.

  11. Pat says:

    I think several people and commentators have forgotten an important point. Miers is paid with your’s and mine tax dollars. She works for US.

    If the White House wants to play hardball with such important issues, such as what did she know and advise about ignoring the Geneva Convention, torturing prisoners, kidnapping people in other countries and sending them to a 3rd country to be tortured, no-bid contracts for Haliburton, and the Plame affair, then I believe the Senate should play hardball right back and not hold hearings until the documents are produced. She cannot claim privilege as the President also works for us.

    This will drag on for a few months until dubya pulls her nomination and cries that the Democrats stonewalled his judicial pick again. Then he will nominate someone completely off the chart that will mollify the right wing extremists and neo-cons.

  12. Mister Mustard says:

    >>They’re not Miers’ records, their the White House’s records. They
    >>shouldn’t hand over notes ofr every meeting. Should she be forced to
    >>hand over all records for her work as a lawyer, like client meetings?

    She doesn’t keep records of meetings she has at the White House?

    And since Dumbya has seen fit to nominate someone to the Supreme Court whose only documented opinions seem to be her creepily obsequious “I luv u, guv” holiday cards, the LEAST he can do is turn over the records. Unless there’s another indictment lurking in there… tee hee!

  13. James Hill says:

    Most can’t see a faint until after it happens.

    This is no different.

  14. David says:

    Well, I think the biggest problem is the final devaluation of anyone’s rights, unless you represent the 0.8% of the upper-tier tax bracket. Eminent Domain, “mis-informed” intelligence, etc. etc. By far, the
    weakest point within our society is business and special interest. We could have a 10-million man march upon Washington’s doorstep, and still get beat out by one guy from an interest group. Somehow, this represents the our country? I think this Rove guy (and his cronies) know the truth about this country…we’ve become complacent, and as long as you provide (most of us) with a job that pays enough to put a PS3 in our living room, next to the surround sound system, and lighten up the authorities just enough to keep a strong drug trafficking of pot coming in nice and steady, we’ll put up with ANYTHING. I think most people vote (R) last time because a) wanted to “feel” rich or b) didn’t want to let “a bunch of gays get married” down the street from their rusted trailer. It’s a good thing that we got away from British rule 200 years ago, because this complacent-laden society we live in now would not have done it.

  15. site admin says:

    I’m always dicking around with photoshop. I want to make sure people look their absolute best on this blog.

  16. Awake says:

    Required reading:

    At least it’s better than the judge thing for the Arabian Horse Association.

  17. meetsy says:

    Oh GEEZ…Awake, good point…the could have appointed Brownie…because he does have experience in judging….
    maybe “good work Brownie” will be the next one nominated after Miers is booted?


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