Lust is good.

The owner of a strip club says he’s considering a six-figure offer from a church to buy and shut down the location.

Bill Martin, owner of the Just Teazin club in Painesville Township, 25 miles northeast of Cleveland, declined Thursday to identify the church or when he might decide whether to accept the unsolicited offer.

Martin said the Union Congregational Church bought a former club of his in the township. The building was bought in 1996 for $36,000 and became a recreation center and eventually was sold for use as a homeless shelter, the Rev. Roderick Coffee said.

Union Congregational isn’t the church seeking to buy Just Teazin, Martin and Coffee said.

I see a lucrative business opportunity here. Hmmm… this guy might be onto something.

  1. meetsy says:

    Hell yeah they want it…..after all, I’d bet that a majority of the patrons are members of the church.

  2. Bryan Jones says:

    Holly crap, I pass by that place at least 3 times a week going to take care of my grandmother. Wow, thats weird how it ended up on Dvoraks blog. The place is in a crappy steel building right next to a True Value, and there are always about five rusty, raised up redneck trucks with gun racks on them parcked outside. Every time i see them i think to myself, Yeehaw weere goin to the tittie bar!


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