As an ambitious college student, Cassie Napier had all the right moves – flips, tumbles, an ever-flashing America’s-sweetheart smile – to prepare for her job after graduation. She became a drug saleswoman.

Napier, 26, was a star cheerleader on the national-champion University of Kentucky squad, which has been a springboard for many careers in pharmaceutical sales. She now plies doctors’ offices selling the antacid Prevacid for TAP Pharmaceutical Products.

Known for their toned bodies, small skirts and persuasive enthusiasm, cheerleaders have many qualities that the drug industry looks for in its sales force. Some keep their pompoms active, like Onya, a sculpted former college cheerleader who on Sundays works the sidelines for the football team Washington Redskins and who asked that her last name be withheld, citing team policy. But on weekdays, she urges gynecologists to prescribe a treatment for vaginal yeast infection.

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  1. Trevor says:

    This explains why the last time I had Strep Throat I got antibiotics and a hefty dose of vicodin. Now I realize that my normally sensible doctor was likely hypnotized by a busty bimbo in his office chanting “VIC-O-DIN! DO IT AGAIN!”

    Or something like that. Sad.

  2. Luís Camacho says:

    DAnM! Give me some crack b****!!
    (Please read this sentence with Dave Chapelle accent)


  3. Ima Fish says:

    Well, I did my best. This was the only picture of Cassie I could find.

  4. Improbus says:

    If all drug dealers where cheer leaders this country would have an even larger problem. But I guess that’s the point.

  5. says:

    To the list of attributes, I would add breast implants.

    moving towards woman with silicon bags inserted inside their breasts as what we require beauty to be, one step further….

  6. RTaylor says:

    You have to remember one detail. Female drug reps has to get past the receptionist/nurse first. How many males have you seen sliding the glass window open for you? A good looking smooth talking guy can get through easier. The average gal I know would just as soon throw Ms Perky in the dumpster than be cooperative. A cousin of mine, the drop out college football star, is pulling around $100K a year in this business.

  7. Imafish says:

    RTaylor, considering how busy most doctors are I highly doubt these reps are showing up unannounced without appointments. Certain all such reps make appointments to see doctors well in advance.

  8. Joe says:

    Capitalism at it’s finest

  9. John says:

    Let’s face it…if cheerleaders like the one pictured appear when you open the door, are you going to say no to whatever they’re selling??

  10. Joe Stalin says:

    Hey, what a coincidence.

  11. Jandungo says:

    Next thing they’ll start undressing right in front of the doctors… maybe even doing something more… We’re just a couple of years away from that, no more than 10, I believe!

    And why are then male doctors punished for behaving like normal male human beings?

    Two considerations arise: Why aren’t saleswomen legally punished for using these tactics and two, why do men still fall for them? It’s as if we’re in the 19th century all over again!


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