More AOL discs saved from the garbage heaps

Honestly, is anyone not going to think of this the first time they see these medals?? How many free hours are the athletes going to get if they win these things?

  1. Barbara says:

    Have you actually ever held one? They are very beautiful and actually quite thick and heavy. They look thin on television but are not.

    And shame on those people who are dissing other countries. Totally cheap!

  2. jemie says:

    this is dispicable you people we are ment to be one nation one union together as a race and you pick on some fanctastic art work that some one spent there time on you should all be shamed you make me sick with fury! GOD SAVE THEQUEEN when you hang yourself in self pitty!!!!!!!! this olympic medal is great beautiful and wonderfull skills your sinerly 10year old jemie!

  3. viji says:

    yeah, italians aren’t quite so refined like the americans when it comes to design.. (lol) before you judge anything, especially design you should see the thing in detail, personally (having seen them up close) i thing the Italians did a splendid job!

  4. Peahead says:

    i think the medals are gorgeous. i wish theres a place that can make me a replica. ps. please do not send me an old aol disk. lol

  5. bbbblllllaaaahhhhh says:

    oh come on. they look fine. personaly i don’t care what they look like as long as they say that i won gold. i hope to compete in the olympics myself one day so don’t judge the medals.


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