Here is a great video for sushi amateurs telling you all the official rules of eating sushi from entering a restaurant to ordering.

  1. Ez says:

    This was a terrific parody that had elements of facts that were exagerated and parts that were based on foriegners stereotypes and just a joke. It might not be funny to those unfamiliar with Japan. I watched it with some Japanese students and they busted a gut. It doesn’t matter if some of the viewers that posted comments missed the boat on this video, it was a very well made skit. Have you watched Saturday Night live? That show isn’t funny to a world wide audience let alone an American one.

  2. Anish says:

    I can,t seen it on my computer .but I just want to say one thing
    :my japanese teacher told me that in japanest there are there typical steps to have shusi,so maybe it is true if the vidio said it is complex to eat shusi.
    JUST my guess

  3. lokama says:


    i would like to see the video but it doesn’t work!! it says that the video is unvailable….


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