An amusing little page about Belgians.

I’m sick and tired of the Belgian race getting a bum wrap. Sexism, homophobism, and racism have all been crushed and annhiliated in modern Western culture, and yet not a day goes by that I don’t hear someone slamming Belgium and the Belgians. Feeling that it was time some brave soul stood up for what was right, I’ve gathered a team of like-minded zealots and thought police, and created the Belgian Anti-defamation Institute. (more..)

  1. James says:

    Belgium… that’s one of those chocolate making countries who were too wimpy to go in there and wup Saddam, right? We showed them what a little americuhn resolve could do.

  2. Corey says:

    I’m suprised this article didn’t bring up any debate on the topic of: Why are Canadians so much more funny than Americans. I hope someone here is sending this dude donations.

  3. RTaylor says:

    Belgium is one country more French than France. Everything is about national honor and it’s damn near impossible to talk with a Belgium for more than a few minutes without insulting them somehow. To prove this another poster of Belgium ancestry will take offense to this statement.

  4. FARTaLOT says:

    Funny I never thought of Belgiums as racists and sextists, and whatever else “ist”. How can they even be a target for racisim when they are just white people anyway? when I think of Belgium, I just think waffles. Good eats.

  5. FARTaLOT says:

    Since when did Belgium have it’s own “race” of people? They are just white people like in any other european country.

  6. Carl S. says:

    Oh your God! That is funny as heck. And the links that seem to back-up every absolutly absurd assertion. WOW, talk about reality twists…

  7. site admin says:

    Hilarious stuff.

  8. joshua says:

    I am sending this to several of my more open minded Belgian friends….lol
    But, I will probably still get dead fish wrapped in newspaper left on my door step.

  9. Magooligum says:

    And not forgetting the rudest word in the galaxy according to Douglas Adams (Hitch Hikers Guide to the galaxy is:-


  10. Milo says:

    “but the winner was undoubtedly from Mrs No-Supper-For-You from Norwood in Lancashire… Miserable Fat Belgian Bastards.”

  11. AB CD says:

    The BAD Institute needs to get their countrymen to stop trying to tell everyone else what to do. Thery almost lost their NATO headquarters over it.

  12. Milo says:

    AB CD you must be the life of the party!

  13. joshua says:

    thanks Milo…..I needed a really good laugh.

  14. BWilde says:

    “Belgian” is a race?



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