The hottest site on the web right now is Channel Chooser — a stream of basic cable and basic satellite channels streaming over an IPTV link right to the computer with no hardware needed. Works beautifully. On it you’ll find everything from CSPAN to the BBC to Bloomberg as well as a number of odd channels I’ve never seen before and even some soft core porn channels. Most of these appear to be feeds directly from the various unencrypted sateliite feeds. No networks or any premium stuff here, but you can see that coming next.

  1. Juana says:

    FreeTube really does r0ck0rz the b0xerz of all these other sites.

  2. FoxyWL says:

    Have you checked out its similer to channelchooser but better! It has better channels to choose from including UKTV like sky one, uk gold itv 1 & 2 plus loads of streaming football, movies and cartoons and loads of music channels. I strongly recommend checking it out, i was very impressed. No Ad’s at all either and channels for everyone from cartoons to adult channels.

  3. Foxy says:

    its an excellent website that i use regular

  4. free tv says:

    This site is old news now. You can see decent tv on any of the networks now. Full list here

  5. If you look at this sites traffic. It peaked a year or so back but is now dying a death…Why?
    Because you can watch better TV online at lots of other places.

    Chill Dudes

  6. I have tried some of these services, but most just seem to be software that you can find for free on the net.

  7. Highest quality streaming adult movie site from Adult Streaming Videos.

  8. StreamFlicks says: is the best site I’ve found.


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