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  1. John Paradox says:

    As funny, if not more so, is that the Congressman can’t identify a building more appropriate for posting the TC than ‘public buildings’. (Guess he doesn’t go to church often, and NEEDS a copy)


  2. Tim Harris says:

    Silly neocons. Trix are for kids !

  3. Nik Carrier says:

    Why does this video play upsidedown on my Mac using the FlipWMV component for Quicktime? It is really bizarre to watch video upside down.

  4. Milo says:

    Gee where are all the Christains posting elsewhere on this blog?

  5. PcMonster says:

    Either the guy is an idiot or the video is made to make him look like one… Probably the latter.

  6. SN says:

    “Probably the latter.”

    Probably both.

  7. todd anderson, iii says:


  8. Gary Marks says:

    There are a lot of politicians who wouldn’t WANT to recite all ten commandments in their entirety. They seem to have greater moral authority and legal value when referred to collectively, rather than individually. For example, the commandment that forbids the worship of any god instead of the Hebrew god is probably not one that most politicians are comfortable advocating to be posted in a courthouse. Yet lump them all together as the mighty “Ten Commandments,” and suddenly you have a political football to play with.

    It’s almost time for another kickoff.

  9. john says:

    What was the canned laughter in the background? Was this a scripted comedy show? If not, then fact is better than fiction. John B,

  10. Joshua says:

    he got nailed. And the laughter is from the studio audience the show is filmed in front of. They were watching the interview on monitors in the studio. It is a talk show format, but he pretapes a few interviews with politicians from time to time.

  11. Erik says:

    It epitomizes the effrontery of the radical right. They use religon to gain votes/power rather than actually live the message.

  12. Neal Saferstein says:

    Time to go back to bible school.

    Neal Saferstein

  13. Smartalix says:

    See? Sheep. Too stupid to even know the rules they’re supposed to follow.

  14. Gary Marks says:

    Congressman Westmoreland’s official talking points didn’t provide an individual breakout for the commandments. The RIAA will tell you that any good music album is meant to be sold as a collection, not as individual songs. Commandments were actually the forerunner of that packaging model.

  15. mike cannali says:

    They can’t recite the Bill Of Rights either


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