This is called the first “real” mod chip for the Xbox360. — Is it? You tell me.

The NME-360 enables your XBox360 to play backups of your highly valuable original games. NME-360 is a universal solution for ALL currently available XBox360 Consoles on the market. Forget crazy dual mods with 30+ wires or even bricking your DVD drive by flashing corrupt/wrong firmware files. Your original firmware stays untouched and intact at any time when using the NME-360. There is no need for any firmware-reading or flashing.

The NME-360 autodetects the inserted media. If the inserted media is a backup NME-360 injects the necessary information to the DVD drive enabling it to boot smoothly ahead! If the media is an original game, or anything else, which doesnt require any further action of the NME-360 then it simply falls asleep so there is no need for an external switch whatsoever. This way it can not be detected online when you play an original onlinegame.

I’d be surprised if some sort of legal action is not taken regarding this sort of thing since Microsoft has to minimize any sort of box “modding” to assure that its online gaming activities do not allow cheaters and thus ruin the experience for everyone else. Of course this device seems aimed at making the device capable of running “backups.” Whatever the case when you read through all the literature it seems like a lot of work overall. What I’d like to see is a complete Xbox360 done in software to run on a PC. Now that would be something!

found by Chris Coulter

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    ??? how the hell do u have 1357 gb of ram? u cant even use that much even if u run every program known to man at a time

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