While on the Subject of Post Modern Dept. Banksy is a rather famous post-modern artist who helped popularize a form of street graffiti utilizing stencils and which often takes the form of politcal satire or social commentary. He apparently hates Paris Hilton.

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Banksy is UK-based but will have a showing of his art in Los Angeles this month. He’s keeping the event a secret until the last minute. Surely someone must know by now where it will be. Yes? I must go!

  1. JoaoPT says:

    Too bad his joke was perpetrated in UK only…
    I’d buy one “fake” P.H. cd on the spot. But they will be priceless from now on…

  2. Roger M says:

    I leuw’it 🙂

  3. Jägermeister says:

    Way to go. =)

  4. greg says:

    buy one on ebay
    “Buy it now for £1200”


  5. greg says:

    buy one on ebay
    “Buy it now for £1200”



  6. My motto: Art is where you find it.

  7. Paul says:

    Props to Banksy for his attitude to Paris, but let’s look at the bigger picture here (pardon the pun). In the past, quite a lot of his “work” has been done without asking the permission of the owner of what it’s being applied to.

    “Art is where you find it.” If I found any of Banksy’s “art” on my property I’d be more inclined to call it what it is: criminal damage.

    This guy belongs in jail, not a gallery.

  8. Matthew says:

    Didn’t she lose her t-mobile account because of a hack attempt on lindsay lohan?

  9. meetsy says:

    I’m sorry, but there is graffitti with taste, and there are just ugly taggers. The difference is talent. You just have to know the difference.
    If Banksy painted on my building, I’d copyright it and make t-shirts, do a website, sell copies, get some press, and make it a “from heaven” godsend for my business. His stuff is POPULAR! It’s cool. It’s tasteful. It’s funny. It’s like having Van Gough paint the side of the wall….like “whaoooo…we just struck gold!” You need to recognize collectible, marketable stuff when you see it.
    Most taggers…bleah, I really don’t care to find a bunch of names, misspelled, and ugly everywhere. I’d prosecute them. Wish there were laws for lack of art and taste (of course, where WOULD Paris Hilton be then? Behind bars, I’m certain).
    The difference is recognizing trash from treasure.
    Banksy is wonderful!

  10. Walker says:

    Do you guys like Paris Hilton or not? Here in my country people laugh often with her because they think she's dumb. I don't think she's stupid, I think she's a great model! Her acting isn't so very good though…


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