Berkshire Eagle Online – Bush: Ford healed nation — Where was Bush during the Ford memorial? Here we have a dead President and Bush stays in Crawford on vaction. Heaven forbid there is anything more important than clearing brush on the ranch.

CRAWFORD, Texas — President Bush yesterday remembered former President Gerald R. Ford as a ” man of complete integrity who led our country with common sense and kind instincts” and helped restore faith in the presidency after the Watergate scandal.

  1. Hey… He was brought up with the best of intentions. He mother told him to clean his room first then go out to play! He leads by example! Our children (that live thru this ) will be proud.

  2. Matthew says:

    You should see what he’s doing with the middle finger of his left hand.

  3. James Hill says:

    #34 – Hey now… The dog isn’t complaining.

  4. Jim B says:

    Bush didn’t like Ford’s comment on the Iraq disaster. Now Bush is behaving like the petulent weasel he is.

  5. Daniel says:

    Dvorak’s news sources is wrong. Bush might have paid some respects in Texas, but he went to DC to pay his respects as well.

  6. Dvorak is Bollocks says:

    #36 – please don’t bother us with reality, let us keep on with our blind hatred of George W. Bush. Thanks.

    PS – Gotta love that doctored pic of Bush!

  7. joshua says:

    Bush was at the rotunda immediatly after landing from Texas today. He will deliver the eulogy at the service at the National Cathedral. None of the ex-Presidents will attend the burial in Grand Rapids, just as none attended Reagans in Calif.

  8. noname says:

    After more then 3000 dead in IRAQ and upwards of Trillions of dollars spent because of an unethical and baseless push for WAR in IRAQ, it’s not too difficult to see where people’s blind (oblivious to truth) Bush hatred come from.

    But it was these same blind people who brought into the whole WAR agenda to begin with.

    I still can’t decided who’s the bigger idiot, Bush or the American public. Just look at everyone who buys into Dvorak doctored photoshop pic.

    I don’t see USA lasting another 200 yrs, not with idiots following idiots.

  9. scott says:

    Bush SHOULD have been in Washington when Mr. Ford’s casket arrived, period. He should have attended all Washington events for Mr. Ford. For the sitting President not to be there to greet the Ford family is utterly childish and tacky. It’s like inviting someone to your house, but not being there. He was there for every Washington event at Reagan’s funeral. Just another example of what a taky, witless boob this country elected.

  10. Roc Rizzo says:

    You would think that with that much brush to clear, Bush would hire some ‘illegal’ Mexicans.

    As far as Ford is concerned, he is as much a criminal as Nixon was. He let a criminal go free without that criminal doing his time, admitting that he committed the crime, or anything. I wish I could get such a free ride!

  11. Mr. Fusion says:

    #38, joshua,
    Maybe the negative publicity he got from the snub made him change his mind. After all, if he wants to stave off impeachment, he might need some of those Republicans he so distains. It’s his party, he should suck up once in a while.


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