WIRED Blogs: Danger Room — This is another device that is going to force us all to wear the aluminum foil hat!

However, rather than causing intense pain, like the Active Denial System, Invocon is advertising a weapon that boasts the ability to go through walls and incapacitate everyone in a room by making them lose their balance. “Second order effects would be extreme motion sickness,” the company notes.

Basically, you’re safely in your house, an invisible beam hits you, you feel dizzy, and fall over (or puke). Or so goes the promotion

found by TJ Geezer who adds: “Can’t wait for this one to get into the hands of the increasingly paramiltary local police forces. Won’t they have fun with this one in Atlanta….”

  1. Lee says:

    #10 – How about a club? In the “old days” (a decade or so ago) police officers used to carry a nightstick or a big flashlight. Sure, either can be fatal if you smack someone in the head, but there is no reason for that anyways. Better a bruise or a broken bone than a stopped ticker or God knows what side effects from these new weapons.

    #14 – The fact is, that none of this is new. Electromagnetic and infrasonic weapons have been possible for as long as microwave projection (i.e. radar) and sonic projection (i.e. sonar) have been possible. How long is that, exactly? The basic research on this stuff was done in the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s. A good bit of it was published, actually; just go look through some old physics or psychology journals and look for “Effect of X on Y” kind of experimentation. But the subject was labeled “verboten” due to how scary it all is; using this technology, one can build one or two devices with which a clever operator with the knowledge of how modulations on each electromagnetic/sonic frequency affect neurology can; cause a person to feel violently ill, cause a person to have vivid hallucinations, cause a person to hear voices of your design, cause a person to feel as if he is on fire, cause a person to actually be on fire, cause permanent or temporary blindness or deafness, or simply shut you off like a switch. Together, they make obsolete all modern weapon systems, on the cheap, which is why it has not been implemented for so long. There is no money in such a device (weapon seems too specific, really), so they have remained the playthings of the secret and eccentric.

    However, the fact that the powers that be are trying to acclimate us to these things, bit by bit, is highly disturbing. This is the new paradigm of war and oppression. It is no laughing matter.

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    #21, good points.

    Last night I caught a few minutes of one of NBC’s child predator trap programs. As the accused left the house they were surrounded by five or six, armed police who threw the accused on the ground in order to handcuff him. Why? None of the ones I saw resisted or tried to run.

    Before Lauren the Ghotti or James Hill open their useless traps and cry I’m in favor of child sex, I’m not. I am against police abuse and this is police abuse. The crime of the accused should have no bearing on how he is arrested. Nor should standard police procedure be such that violence against accused be tolerated. If it is fine to beat up child predators today, who will be beat up tomorrow? The same questions apply to the use of tazers and these barf machines.

  3. pedro says:

    #11 and that’s wrong because…

    #21 A stick, now that’s what I call violence. Perks will run like hell when they see you with a stick

  4. M Tahani says:

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  5. jimi says:

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  6. steven p says:

    Crowd control – crap. We all know these things are devised for purposes of torture, and may increasingly expect it to be applied to Americans who “get out of line”, i.e. exercise their right to vote in swing districts.

    And there was a “legitimate” use for the tinfoil hat back in the eighties when British antinuclear protesters were bombarded with low-level microwaves, as well as back in the fifties when the Russians were shooting microwaves at the US embassy.

    Put it this way – what would the pro-segregation police forces of the South in the sixties have done with ray guns that caused overwhelming pain with no physical symptoms, and ray guns that cause mass disorientation, vomiting and severe earaches? And hey, why can’t we replace the cameras in traffic lights with instant “no running red light” devices?

    “If someone is told to knock it off and doesn’t then they have to be shot with something to make them quit it”. Well, it depends on what they’re doing, whether they have a right to do it, and who’s telling them to knock it off, why they’re telling them, and whether the tellers have an absolute right or the issue is expected to be settled by a trial, judge, or jury. In many cases, the absolutely appropriate response to “knock it off” is “eat it”.

  7. MIMIFLY says:

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