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If you think you get a lot of spam in your email box, I suggest you run a blog and see what you get. It must be 100X more. Luckily there are all sorts of tools to help you. One of the main spam you end up with are various purveyors of something called phentermine. This and Viagra. I got my umpteenth solicitation from some sleaze ball for this stuff when it dawned on me that I had no clue what this even was!!! And I was a chemist, mind you. Why is every Tom, Dickhead and Harry trying to sell people this stuff. What does it do? So I decided to find out.

Let’s go over the basics. Phentermine can do the following for you:

  • Cause a fatal lung disorder when taken with the wrong other drugs
  • Impairs thinking and reaction time
  • Habit forming with withdrawal symptoms that include depression and you apparent just can’t STOP using it.
  • If you use it habitually your skin turns reptilian.
  • Forget drinking alcohol with it.
  • OK, so I get this part of it, so why would anyone buy this stuff? What does it do?

    I dig deeper and discover this is amphetamine substitute and an appetite suppressant. In fact it was one of the ingredients in the banned Phen-fen junk that caused heart problems. Hmm, I guess old fashioned life-sapping meth, Dexedrine and bennies are not good enough for these people. Personally I am convinced that strong espresso is the gateway drug to all these things. But I digress.

    An interesting commentary about this crap is cited here.

    So I now assume that people are buying this garbage so they can get an amphetamine buzz. All I can say that the spammers who are pushing this like mad with spam should be tracked down and de-balled. It’s sick.

    1. BubbaRay says:

      Phen-Fen (or whatever it’s called) killed my Uncle. What we need is a virus that crawls up the IP of these spammers and fries their motherboards. We could give ’em a Phen-Fen they actually deserve…..

    2. Jim Mayne says:

      I don’t understand all of this. I remember hearing you say repeatedly

      “I get no Spam”

      Has the world slipped off its axis!?

    3. TJGeezer says:

      At my age the quacks have me on way too many meds – drugs – bioactive substances – already. Metabolic whack-a-mole. Why people want to put this crap in their systems when they don’t have to… jeez, if you wanna get jittery, drink an extra pot of coffee.

    4. #3 I have said this repeatedly. I get NO EMAIL SPAM. Blog spam is another matter and not under the control of my spam-fighting email system done by Marc Perkel.

    5. Rich says:

      John wrote: “Luckily there are all sorts of tools to help you.”

      C’mon John, spill the beans. For those of us with blogs (or about to set one up, as I am), how about some help? Could you list the top tools you are successfully using so we can avoid this kindof crap?

      T’would really be appreciated.

    6. with the word press blog…SpamKarma is the key

    7. hhopper says:

      There has to be a way to make spam backfire on the spammers.

    8. meetsy says:

      geez, John, you’re off the mark on this one.
      It’s near impossible to get “high” on the stuff…it’s about as interesting as an antihistamine. It is, in fact, almost like one. It’s been on the market since 1959…so, not like it’s something “new”. It gives some diet help, although one wonders how effective it is, as it also has the drying effect of an antihistamine — so you could drink way more calories in liquids. It does lower the appetite. However, since most people (in our culture) are actually “habit” eaters, this doesn’t do that much for them.
      I know women who take Sudafed to control their appetite, too, and women who use Preparation H as wrinkle cream. So what? We’re a vain society…if someone thinks that anything will help with them losing weight…then they’ll buy it. Lets face it, docs aren’t exactly affordable, and “talking to your family doctor” is a thing of the past.
      The fact you are getting spammed with this….well, I’m sure you get the woody-inducing pills, the magic “grow bigger dick” and the boobie enhancers, and the occasional Nigerian Scam letter, too. Doesn’t mean it’s not a valid product, just means that people are trying to make money selling what they SAY are drugs, when they are probably capsules filled with dried snot.
      Calm down, John. Take a chill pill.

    9. TJGeezer says:

      Psst! Club drugs here – Roofies… grass… dried snot…

    10. OmarThe Alien says:

      Coca-Cola used to have a smidgen of cocaine, that’s why it was so damned popular, and thirty-five years ago when I was a long haul trucker we all knew the truckstops that sold our favorite little pills out by the tire shop or somewhere. I was a happy trucker, blowing out radio speakers and smoking about a pack of Pall Malls every hundred miles or so. But then I’d want to pop one or two when I didn’t have anywhere to go, and then I took a long look at some of my buddies, still young and looked like walking death, so I weaned myself off the pills and found something else to haul, something that didn’t rot if you didn’t get it from south Florida to the Hunt’s Point market (NYC) in twenty hours. And this was in the seventies, I-95 was a long way from finished.

    11. Tim says:

      As long as I can delete it . . . .its the viruses that piss me off. I’m a long way from a chemist, but I play one, on TV. Actually,. I believe the ephedrine sysnthesis is wrong. Ephedrine is methamphetamine, with an extra -OH molecule that prevents it from getting past the blood-brain barrier. Bathtub chemists knock that molecule off with a variety of methods, but the end result is always methamphetamine. Dextroamphetamine sulphate (dexidrine), and the other amphetamines, are more complicated, and use a different method .. . .I can’t swear to that, but I’m pretty sure . . and thanx for the anti-spam tip.

    12. Veryniceblonde says:

      The reasons for not mixing the two drugs was clear years ago. Phentermine is no longer prescribed in Canada and I would like to know why. I have M.S and there is not much out there to help me battle the fatigue I used to take 1 capsule of phentermine and when they removed it the doctors were forced to find alternatives for me 3 different drugs to replace the one. I want to know why it was banned I have never been told or read anything that gives a reason to take the drug off the market


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