Wow! The people in this video have so little understanding of science that it’s truly frightening. And, their ability to mash together analogies out of utterly unrelated things is stunning. A true masterpiece! Easily on par with the banana proof.

Two questions, though… First, does this proof hold up no matter if you use smooth OR chunky? And second, what happens when you create Elvis’ fav sandwich, fried peanut butter and banana? If yes, does that make it a holy sandwich? Oops, that’s three questions. See what a can of worms one opens thinking about such things? Wait a minute… worms… in peanut butter… Where’s my video camera…

  1. lawrence houseburne says:

    I smeared peanut butter on this girl’s ass and it evolved into a very beautiful relationship.

  2. nonStatist says:

    Peanut butter has many uses. Not only can you prove god with peanut butter, but you can also decrease the stopping distance of your car with it. Mark knows because he is god.

  3. Stefan says:

    Not to say that life forms in peanut butter, but if it did it would probably be single celled. This guy must have fantastic vision. He can see bacteria with the naked eye.

  4. Mrs. Fusion says:

    I don’t know about peanut butter, but there is something growing in my kid’s gym bag that wasn’t there last year.

  5. JimR says:

    …. although… Charlie Brown did come to life in peanuts….

  6. Gary Marks says:

    Nice one, JimR, but be careful. Theories based on cartoons are only moderately more credible than the Bible. Have our standards really sunk that low? 😉

  7. greg allen says:

    #55 Gary.

    Thanks for not being sarcastic about my brilliance! I’m not brilliant but I’ve met (and am related to) absolutely brilliant, certified genius scientists who believe deeply in God.

    Your point about Yahweh actually raises a point that is discussed at length in Christian theology.

    Some people read every verse of the bible with exactly the same moral authority. (some times called “flat book” interpretation). In this way of thinking, the God who ordered mass killing in the OT is given the same authority as the command of Jesus to love our enemy.

    As you can imagine, this can make for some really primitive theology! Of course, this tends to be more common among conservatives.

    (IHMO, this “flat book” interpretation is what is allowing for the rise of radicalism in our cousin religion Islam.)

    As for me and millions of mainstream Christians, we believe in progressive revelation so that Yahweh’s commandment to kill all Midianites does not have as much weight as his son’s commandment to love our neighbor as ourself.

    Related to this discussion, if one accepts the concept of progressive revelation, then it makes it much less painful to figure out what to do with science and other forms of modernity while still keeping our faith alive and relevant.

  8. Chris says:

    #16 (and others)

    The argument that science (or any rational view of the world) is built on faith is sheer semantics. Science is faith only in the most broad sense of the word. In any case, faith that the world is rational (and hence understandable) is a little different than faith that Jesus was born of a virgin, or that Mohammad ascended to heaven on a winged steed, or that any of the “holy” books were somehow dictated by the holy spirit.

  9. Chris says:


    “As for me and millions of mainstream Christians, we believe in progressive revelation so that Yahweh’s commandment to kill all Midianites does not have as much weight as his son’s commandment to love our neighbor as ourself.”

    This may be true, but it doesn’t change the fact that God did require the killing of all Midianites at one time–not the mention that He, Himself, killed everyone but on family in the flood. I am glad thought that God has had a change of heart.

  10. Gary Marks says:

    #71 Greg Allen, I remember you mentioning “progressive revelation” with variously weighted scriptures and commands before. While you seem to have a mind capable of understanding the concept with the clarity required to integrate it into your belief system, it may be a bit much for some retarded, or even normal, people to grasp. I already took that into account when enumerating the requirements in my earlier proposal for a new god… “any person from any country born at any point in time must have an equal chance to hear, understand, and obey whatever set of rules controls admission into heaven.”

    This would eliminate the current situation where many of us have read the Bible and rejected it as completely fallacious based on a standard “flat book” interpretation of the Scriptures. Borderline retarded people like me have fallen through the cracks for far too long.

  11. JimR says:

    All borderline retarded non believers say “ay!”.


  12. Gary Marks says:

    AY! . . . AY! . . . AY!

    I found three people still looking for their computer’s “on” switch, but heard about your survey and wanted to be included, Jim.


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