This afternoon, BMW will be the first automaker to announce a fully integrated system for Apple’s brand-new iPhone.

Initially, BMW will only offer integration for U.S. models, but with international sales of the iPhone a given, BMW is likely to extend the technology across to other markets.

I don’t plan on owning either; but – what the hell!

According to Edmunds, the option will be available on the 1 Series Coupe which goes on sale in the U.S. in the spring of 2008, and will be available in two versions: the 128i and the 135i.

Update: If you just unpacked your iPhone and you’ve got yourself a BMW 3 and 5 Series with 03/07 production, the X5 with 04/07 production and the 6 Series with 09/07 production dates equipped with an iPod/USB interface — guess what? You’ll be able to drop the iPhone into your ride and faster than you can say “Boom!” in your best German accent — you’ll be good to go.

  1. James Hill says:

    I’ve been wondering when the automakers would jump on this. Short of tying the device to buttons on the steering wheel, I’m not sure what they’ll do.

  2. JimR says:

    Gas pedal?

  3. JoaoPT says:

    Well and bluetooth integration for hands free use…OH, wait, that’s already the norm, more or less…maybe that’s because it uses Bluetooth 2.0 (the same god damn bluetooth that plagued the razr, IMHO the worst telephone that I ever used…). That and a dock for it…and maybe image on the central console LCD these cars come with…

  4. GregA says:

    Any iPhone buyers out there? Hows it working?

    IM me your number and i’ll MMS you some ringtones to get started.

  5. hhopper says:

    My Razr Bluetooth works fine. Automatically hooks up whenever I get in the car.

  6. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    What kind of dolts do they have working in Marketing? The demos for 1-series buyers and iPhone buyers have little overlap. The early adopters who can afford the phone aren’t interested in an entry-level car, they drive high-end 3s and 5s. Crikey!

  7. GregA says:


    I saw those pictures of the lines!! surely you jest, that is the biggest pack of losers ever.

  8. Andy says:

    SHUT UP about the iPhone already. Its on the slowest and worst network out there.

  9. GregA says:


    Stop it with that!!! they bumped up the speed today, its like 2x 3x faster than dial up now!

  10. JimR says:

    Sour grapes? Jealousy? Hehehe.

  11. GregA says:

    Lol, just talked to someone at the Briarwood mall in Ann arbor. the line sitters have all cleared otu already and the apple store is empty again.

    OMG can you say bigger bomb than the zune?

  12. Gregory says:

    Really GregA? Really?

    Cunning, for there is no Apple store on the Briarwood Mall website…

    Or for that matter listed on the apple website:

    So… I call bullshit.

  13. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    AH, hate to burst your bubble, but I hope you realize that the store did not have an infinite inventory of phones…

    IOW, they sold them all. Ya, a definite bomb. Ya.

  14. John Paradox says:

    How about: when the iPhone is activated, the brake kicks in?


  15. GregA says:


    If I can take a picture of the apple store in the briarwood mall (in spite of the incorrect indexes you posted) will you post a picture of your face smeared with shit?

  16. GregA says:

    Really?? sold out? Whole slew of iPhones on ebay, not even a single bid. No one is even viewing them really.

    Wow look at the asking price those iPhone domains!!!

  17. sdf says:

    This will sound a lot better once iphones have real GPS. Just a matter of waiting a bit.

  18. moss says:

    #9 – if you Google around at mobile forums, you’ll see beaucoup folks who use the Edge network being very cheerful that Apple pushed AT&T into bumping everyone’s speed.

  19. Podesta says:

    Why in the world would I, or anyone, want to call GregA on my iPhone?

  20. James Hill says:

    Posting from my iPhone.

    Looks like eBay is flooded. There were hundreds at the Apple Store in Salt Lake.

  21. GregA says:

    You guys are right, I was wrong. The iPhone release went seamlessly. No issues at all.

    I just wonder, did apple really want the gadget headlines to read “We have plenty in stock, come and get em!” This morning?

  22. James Hill says:

    #21 – Assuming they’re still in the business of selling products, yes.


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