kingston musicconnection

I was at DigitalLife in Manhattan last week and had the great pleasure to meet with my buddies from Kingston and talk about their latest stuff. Among the devices they showed me was a USB microSD Reader + Card in a keychain.

What I really liked about the device is that it enables those with smart phones to really use the microSD card slot as an interface tool. With the device on your keychain you can move files between your phone and any computer anytime, and it’s a pocket flash for everything else to boot.

kingston musicconnection

The device is available in 1- and 2-Gig versions, and will also come in multiple iterations, including a 60-song version called the MusicConnection with 60 songs provided via the emusic service.

I told them they should have a version with just the lanyard loop to thread directly onto the cell. Then it would look like phone jewelry but would actually be useful.


If you just want MicroSD to regular SD compatibility, Kingston has an SD reader kit in verious flavors. Here is their most recent, available with your school or alma mater’s fight song or logo desktop. Kingston microSD Collegiate cards come preloaded with access to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) official content for more than 250 universities
and colleges.

  1. ChrisMac says:

    I hope this form factor stabilizes soon.. I thought i was doing good with the SDHC 4gig with a USB adapter..

  2. Smartalix says:

    Frankly I think the MicroSD is a bit too twee but since you can’t make anything smaller that a human can see and pick up I think it will stop here. In this configuration with USB reader it is a powerful accessory to a smartphone or other portable microSD-capable device.

  3. BubbaRay says:

    #2, Alix

    And I thought SD was tough to manipulate and it’s 32 x 24 mm. The micro SD is only 15 x 11 mm, roughly 1/4 size. Clumsy fingers and tiny objects — I’m doomed!!

    Phone jewelery? Soon, a girl’s “press on nails” will hold 10Gb. 🙂

    Good article and photos, keep us informed.

  4. ChrisMac says:

    I only bought the SDHC so i was prepared for vista..
    i definately jumped the gun..


    my url is fixed


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