The world’s top cellphone maker, Nokia, said that 46 million batteries used in its phones could overheat and that the company would replace them, in what would be the largest-ever consumer electronics recall.

The affected Nokia-branded BL-5C batteries were made by Matsushita Battery Industrial between December 2005 and November 2006.

Matsushita said there was a “rare problem” in manufacturing. 46 million ain’t “rare”.

  1. ioiosotwig says:

    Did you forget the link?

  2. Mark Derail says:

    My pet peeve with batteries are the too numerous formats, not enough standards. Land fill fodder.

    I agree that 46 million isn’t rare, but it could be a marketing thing with Nokia, where they prefer not to take chances, and get their name in the news worldwide for free.

    I don’t think everyone will trade in their old batteries. Imagine going to the store, and getting your fully charged battery replaced with a uncharged one. No more incoming calls.

  3. Eideard says:

    #1 – they moved the frackin’ article. Should be OK, now.

  4. Ari Kukkonen says:

    I think the “rare problem” probably means that the problem is rare but as they don’t know exactly which ones they need to recall all of them. In my company about half of the phones need new battery, most of them are over a year old phones so they would need new battery anyway soon. Nice to get them for free now 😉

  5. Ben Oertel says:

    Anything less then 5% of a population is rare. So they produced almost a billion phones for that statement to be true.

  6. Robert Leather says:

    If your phone catches fire and sets fire to your sofa…. how to you call for the Fire Brigade?

  7. Awake says:

    So far it’s amazing that the Sony headquarters hasn’t burned down.


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