Premature ejaculation (PE) is defined as “persistent or recurrent onset of orgasm and ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation before, on, or shortly after penetration and before the person wishes it.”

The psychological elements of distress and dissatisfaction may account for the traditional view of PE as a psychological condition. It has recently been suggested that PE might be associated with perturbations in serotonergic 5-hydroxytrptamine (5-HT) neurotransmission. This had led to the development of targeted therapies for PE that might alter the 5-HT system.

Dapoxetine was generally well tolerated with mild nausea and headache being the most common side effects. Nausea was reported in 8.7% of the 30 mg group and 20.1% of the 60 mg group. Headache was seen in 5.9% of the 30 mg group and 6.8% of the 60 mg group. Discontinuation rates due to adverse events for placebo, dapoxetine 30 mg and dapoxetine 60 mg were 0.9%, 4%, and 10%, respectively.

Of course.

  1. eric says:

    I can’t wait for the TV commercial.

  2. Milo says:

    I heard that this treatment was not coming soon!

  3. dwright says:

    Hope it works for you.

  4. moss says:

    Now you know why we invented pronouns.

  5. Ralph, the School Bus Driver says:

    #2, Milo,

    Good one, keep it up.

  6. James Hill says:

    Should help you libs from getting all worked up over the administration, too.

  7. RTaylor says:

    Groucho Marx had this problem. A friend recommended a cream. Several weeks later the friend asked him who the cream was working out. Groucho told him it wasn’t, he came when applying the cream.

  8. julieb says:

    What happens if I get it in my mouth?

  9. prophet says:

    True story. My wife was at the office and went to the communal printer located in the hall. There was already a print out there, so she looked at it to see who it belonged to.

    It was a receipt for…and I kid you not… Warrior Horse Spray. Same promised effects as the above mentioned creams. The receipt belonged to an H1B1 contractor from China. I am guessing he had not learned the protocols of being in an American office work place.

    Who the hell buys this stuff over the net from their MONITORED office computer and then prints the receipt and forgets to pick it up the nanosecond it is done printing?

  10. god says:

    I wouldn’t spray anything on my, erm, horse.

  11. TIHZ_HO says:

    #9 Well Chinese aren’t as anal about sex as Americans… 😉

    I also don’t see any Americans bothering to learn Chinese ‘office protocols’ here in China. Its a two way street.

    I like the side effects listed “mild nausea and headache being the most common side effects” sort of makes Dapoxetine a waste of time don’t it?


  12. T-Rick says:

    #8 – I guess it will keep you from spouting off at the mouth too quickly….

  13. Bill says:

    #11 – I guess not since there’s a little over 1.3 billion of them.

  14. TIHZ_HO says:

    #13 Yep, they ought to use their head more often.


    PS Trivia: Did you know in China there isn’t a Chinese name or common phrase for a BJ? 😉

  15. Pagon says:

    How are men expected to know how to satisfy a woman sexually? The G-Spot wasn’t even discovered until 1982! (not that I ever had that issue!)

    Premature ejaculation – now there’s a hoax perpetrated on males if I ever heard one. And of course men buy into it. It’s just a matter of opinion! (not that I ever had that issue)

    And while I’m on the subject, what about penis size? I’d like to have the money men spend on penis enlarging scams. (not that I ever had that issue) It’s really an issue of vagina size!

  16. prophet says:

    #11 – TIHZ_HO – I admit that Americans are way, WAY to uptight about sex. Since you are in China, my question is: Is buying sexual products while at work, whether they are medicinal in nature or otherwise, normal activity in China?

    And for the record, not learning office protocol when working in ANY foreign country is a sure way to cause problems.

  17. McKenzie says:

    G-Spot- so it was given a name in 1982.
    Premature ejaculation is not a hoax- longer sex is better sex, guaranteed when you’re talking about less than a minute. Learn to relax and you’ll see.
    And about penis size- the vagina is for giving birth to a baby, not for giving you pleasure.

  18. joshua says:

    #11…..Maybe if the Chinese became MORE anal, there wouldn’t be so many of them. 🙂

    #16….according to the women I know, it’s penis size. That old horse to make small men feel big about size not mattering is just that….an old horse. All of the women I know, here and in Europe all say…..size matters.

    Show us a teenager that never had premature ejaculation and I’ll show you a teenage eunuch. 🙂

  19. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    #16 – Pagon

    “It’s really an issue of vagina size!”

    Thank you. When a woman says, ‘size matters,’ what she’s actually saying is, she’s never even heard of Kegels, and when told what they are, can’t understand why on Earth she would want to do them… 😉

    Can you say ‘horse collar’? I knew you could.

    #18 – McKenzie

    “And about penis size- the vagina is for giving birth to a baby, not for giving you pleasure.”

    ROFLMAO. Oh, brother. Spoken like a true Catholic. Could be sandpaper in there and men wouldn’t notice or care, right? Crikey, the ideas people invent. In-credible.

    If the vagina weren’t built to feel exceptionally stimulating and pleasurable – i.e., to facilitate the male orgasm – the human race would’ve died out eons ago.

    But thanks for playing, and Jay has some nice parting gifts for you…

  20. TIHZ_HO says:

    #17 That’s sort of a trick question because in China no one would usually have to go on line to buy these products but if there was a special sexual product available only online (HIGHLY UNLIKELY) the answer would be yes.

    To Chinese using herbs or medicine to make the little brother stronger is not unlike any other product or medicine to help with allergies, alertness and so on and is considered as normal as vitamins. Chinese traditional medicine for the little brother is available in most every shop – however you as an American wouldn’t recognise them as they don’t have the “Rock Hard” labels as in the US.

    Further to this there are restaurants serving only penis meat – Bulls & Pig to further strengthen the little brother. Again unless this is pointed out to you…you would not have a clue.

    For the more traditional western style sex medicine its not hidden away in the shops that do sell them. Chinese think they are not effective so they are not sell so well. I have been in department stores in Shanghai and found dildos and rubber vaginas displayed next to the white goods department. To Chinese it is the same as buying a massaging lazy boy recliner so what’s the problem?

    What seems difficult to understand is with all sexual medicine so accessible why is Internet porn so highly frowned upon? My take on this is the Chinese see Internet porn as something that is a demoralizing force in other countries, children should not have free access, and porn is connected to organised crime.

    Understanding Chinese logic and culture is not easy and this causes problems as you highlighted. Understanding is a two way street and should be both ways not just “He is in the US and so he needs to be act like an American now.” That doesn’t work – HOW is this person to know what is acceptable and what is not? Has someone quietly spoke to this person and pointed out that in the US this is considered not polite? No – correct?

    My take is if someone DID have a quiet talk to this person about this I am sure he would be genuinely surprised and sorry for causing offence -and thankful for letting him know. This is typical of what Chinese would do.


  21. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    #21 – T_H

    I’m sure you’re right about him being contrite once his misstep is pointed out…

    …but you surprise me with this:

    “HOW is this person to know what is acceptable and what is not?”

    The ancient cliché guideline for that situation is ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’

    When immersed in an unfamiliar culture, the smartest thing to do, no matter what culture you happen to hail from, is to emulate those around you. If you don’t see anybody doing something – maybe it would be advisable to refrain until you find out exactly why that is.

    In my experience, the Japanese are much more aware of that than the Chinese. Japanese culture places considerably more emphasis on avoidance of accidentally giving offense than most others, and they succeed. The Chinese – and others, by all means, including the majority of Americans – could do well by taking a leaf from their book.

  22. TIHZ_HO says:

    #22 “The ancient cliché guideline for that situation is ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

    This is obvious to you BUT not to Chinese. Without sounding rude you obviously do not understand Chinese culture at all. I have been in China and the Asian region for many years, have a couple of businesses in China and a Chinese wife and there are still things that I can learn.

    Chinese as well as Japanese are very conscience of not causing offence. China unlike Japan has been completely isolated from the west until just a few years ago and frankly they don’t have the experience with dealing with other cultures.

    What would you do if you are now working in a Chinese office with Chinese people? How would you know what you are doing is causing offence?

    You stated that you would seek to find out what is the right and wrong things to do. This may not be so easy to achieve. Even if you ask a Chinese (or Japanese) person “Is this ok what I am doing?” often they will tell you “No problem, and smile” even though they have been greatly offended as they do not want to cause you distress. Everything is held inside which is why Asians are referred to as inscrutable.

    I see this situation all the time with foreigners in China. There has been many occasions where I have seen a foreigner completely offend a Chinese person and later when I spoke to them about this I often hear “Oh, its ok, I have been to China many times and its alright.”

    What we see as offence and what they see as an offence differs greatly.

    Here are some common examples which may be unknown to visitors to China and considered offensive to Chinese especially those with little overseas dealings.

    Receiving a business card should be done with both hands as it is presented. Instead of quickly pocketing the card in your wallet, shirt etc it should be read and placed on the table / desk to your right – and there it sits until the meeting or engagement is over. Not doing this is a sign of disrespect.

    The Chinese host will direct a foreign guest to go first through a doorway, the guest must refuse and direct the host to go first instead, the host will decline and insist the guest to go first, the guest remains firm and the host will now go first with a show of reluctance. Not doing this is a great sign of disrespect to the host especially if subordinates are present.

    In business dealings outright disagreeing with the Chinese boss in front of subordinates is a sure way to not get something done as this is a great sign of disrespect and loss of face! One needs to be diplomatic in these situations. Quite often the person you think is the boss is really a flunky sent to gather information from you.

    There are books devoted to this subject so I will stop here. Books while informative cannot cover all situations as there are many exceptions and addendums to the ‘rules’.

    In summery it is wrong to assume that Chinese will think like you do and research another culture in order to avoid cultural faux pars. Americans with their wealth of experience in international experience compared to Chinese ought to take up the responsibility of cultural understanding. 😉


  23. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    T_H – a final thought.

    No, it is incumbent upon anyone, American, Chinese, Lithuanian, whatever, to be aware of the simple, basic fact that they should’ve learned in childhood, that other cultures are different. They approve of diffferent things and they take offense at different things. And any functioning adult in the modern world who is ignorant of that has no legitimate excuse.

    These are not mysteries discerable only to sophisticated, cosmopolitan, worldly jet-setters, they’re simple common sense. If you’re in a society mixed enough to have Americans and Chinese, f’rinstance, working at the same place, those workers can be presumed to have enough sense to be aware of the fact of cultural differences and to act appropriately towards persons from a culture they know little about.

    Unless an individual is abnormally ethnocentric – or comes from a culture which is, it takes no special degree of intelligence or awareness to intuitively grasp that offense should never be taken at the actions of someone who has no idea that they’re offending by violating customs they can’t reasonably be expected to be aware of…


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