1. morbo says:

    He may not be, but one thing for sure is, he’s resigning. I did learn more than I ever wanted to know this week about cryptic bathroom stall signals. Worthless knowledge filling our brains.

  2. Rob Nee says:

    I’m not gay. I just like to blow strangers in airport bathrooms.

  3. jdm says:

    I wonder if he’ll restate his sexuality tomorrow from the floor of the Senate. He could be a real hero for Gay rights if he didn’t hate himself for being Gay.

  4. hhopper says:

    Being gay is not the problem. Soliciting sex from a stranger in a mens room is the problem.

  5. natefrog says:

    This is great! Avenue Q, I presume?

    #4, pedro: Craig is a vocal opponent of gay rights.

  6. Angel H. Wong says:

    I’m gonna play the devil’s advocate and suggest that he might be bisexual.

  7. jlm says:

    why is it the conservatives that turn out to be the freaks who go against all the religious morals they supposedly live by, preach and lobby for so much?

  8. Anonymous Coward says:

    He’s not gay! Just the guys he has sex with are.

  9. Mister Mustard says:

    >>Soliciting sex from a stranger in a mens room is the problem.

    Soliciting sex from a stranger in the men’s room is naughty. Soliciting gay sex from another man in the men’s room while your wife is home alone, after you’ve spent your entire adult life vilfying, marginalizing, and criminalizing gays and trumpeting “family values” and trying to constitutionally outlaw gay marriage…..well, that’s VERY naughty.

    Good riddance to the fucking hypocritical lying sack of shit. May all his bretheren follow in his footsteps.

  10. Awake says:

    Gay sexual behavior just makes it worse in a ‘relative way’.
    Here we have one of the leaders of our country, a person that should behave as an example to our society, apparently indulging in random sexual encounters in inappropriate places.
    It’s the same as those politicians that prattle away about family values, yet engage in sex with women other than their wife (hookers / lovers / staff). Or political voices that cover their microphones in spittle roaring away about family values, yet they themselves have been married multiple times.

  11. Raff says:

    I’m going to see if the image tags work.. sorry for the double post

  12. hhopper says:

    Geez, why don’t you say what you really think Mr. M.?

  13. BillM says:

    Mister Mustard. You hit it right. The guy is a scum bag and I’m glad he’s gone. Hope more follow. He would have been better off if he just left a young girl to drown after a drunken party.

  14. framitz says:

    The do it to hide.

    They condemn all of the things that they actually are to reduce suspicion.

    There is no worse form of hypocrit than this type of sociopathic coward.

  15. TIHZ_HO says:

    I didn’t get the whole story here – not being in the US – is the bumping of the feet along with the hand under the stall a signal for sex?

    I read the transcript and it seems that LC didn’t ask for anything…so gestures can get you arrested now?

    So if I sit down on a toilet and someone bumps my feet and say I give the other guy the finger from under the stall I can get arrested? Is this how it works?

    I can understand engaging someone in a dialogue about sex but from the transcript there seems to be something I am missing so please let me know.


  16. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    #5 – Da Hopsta

    “Being gay is not the problem. Soliciting sex from a stranger in a mens room is the problem.”

    Bingo! Thank you… Straights have no monopoly on sleazy lifestyles. If you don’t believe me, ask George Michael…


    “Geez, why don’t you say what you really think Mr. M.?”

    I know, there he goes again, sugarcoating it… 😉

    • • • • • • •

    #15 – BillM

    “He would have been better off if he just left a young girl to drown after a drunken party.”

    OOPS! S m o o t h fergot about that, what with Kennedy being the one and only official representative of all Democrats past, present and future and all.

    Guess that makes what Larry Craig et alia Republicans have done OK, then. Free passes for all GOP misbehavior forever, courtesy of Teddy the K.

    Thanks for the tip.

    • • • • • • • •

    ‘Ted, I’d like you to meet Larry. Larry, this is Ted. He’s not gay either.’ 🙂

  17. Rob R says:

    Think about it. Has it ever occurred to you to actually nudge someone’s foot and then reach under a stall??? It wouldn’t be the first thing a straight American guy would think to do.

    Even if you nudged someone’s foot, the first thing you’d do is say, “Excuse me” then rapidly remove your foot, quickly finish up and leave. You wouldn’t reach under the stall!

    I think these gay social conservative republicans just get aroused from the risk of exposure, the high from risking it all.

  18. Jägermeister says:

    #6 – natefrog – Craig is a vocal opponent of gay rights.

    Sounds familiar… hmm… yeah, Ted Haggard…

  19. Greg Allen says:

    I’d like to take a quick survey of the guys here:

    Have you ever, even once in your life :

    1) Stared through the crack in the door for a minute or two, to see if the stall was in use.
    2) Accidentally touched your foot with the guy in the next stall?
    3) Ever picked up a piece of toilet paper that was on the floor?

    These were the action that Craig claimed the cop misinterpreted.

  20. Greg Allen says:

    … as for me, I’ve never done any of those things, even once, let alone all three together.

    By the way, I think sex in public bathrooms is more than “naughty”… I think it should be illegal. The main reason is that young children often have to go in the bathroom alone and they should not have to encounter anything sexual.

  21. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    1) Nope. Takes literally milliseconds, as you walk by, to detect the presence of someone in a stall and to move on.

    2) Nope. Maybe I’m just not a ‘wide stance’ kinda guy…

    3) Nope. They have janitors to do that. Wipe oneself with something that’s hit a public restroom floor? No thanx.

    Most men tend to avoid picking a urinal / stall adjacent to an occupied one anyway…

    As far as is it reasonable to think other do these t’ings;

    Done one of those things? I’m sure many have.

    Two of those things – on the same occasion? Mebbe, mebbe not, but my money’s on mostly ‘not’.

    All three – on the same occasion? Pfffft.

    “Misinterpreted” Ya. In a restroom already notorious for gay hookups. Of course. An honest mistake. Officer, he had no idea.

    Oh, brother… 😉

  22. BobH says:


    In time, the truth of what happened that night in Chappaquiddick will be released. I speculate it will not be until ALL potentially impacted immediate family and friends are deceased. I will say with no reservation that when the reality of the evening is known, it’s likely Republicans will still declare Senator Kennedy a scoundrel. However, sane people will accept that what happened was a total accident.

    Being 60, I may not make it as I am a contemporary of many of the individuals on the island that night — but I hope I live to see the reaction from all the nut jobs that have belittled Ted Kennedy lo these years.

  23. BobH says:

    Greg Allen

    “…I think sex in public bathrooms is more than “naughty”… I think it should be illegal. …young children… should not have to encounter anything sexual.”

    And therein lies the rub. You believe sex is something to be hidden from tender minds. I would argue I’d rather a child witness a sex act than a murder. Children are exposed to violence in the American diet of TV and games. What’s the issue with a kid seeing a blow job in the stall? The child might ask “What’s that, Dad?” Or he might emulate it with a schoolmate. Was anyone killed? Not unless some homophobic freak stabs the children with a crucifix.

    Perhaps Larry Craig is a self loathing individual seeking further humiliation for his choice of sex partner… but in a world where sex isn’t dirty and being gay not a “sin”, the worst the guy is guilty of is an odd location for a liaison

    As a friend once opined: “What’s more obscene: a bare breast or a sucking chest wound?”

    And in the words of Frank Zappa-:”What’s the ugliest party of your body? Some say your toes, some say your nose… I think it’s your mind.”

  24. Mike Voice says:

    317 So if I sit down on a toilet and someone bumps my feet and say I give the other guy the finger from under the stall I can get arrested? Is this how it works?

    Sure looks that way, doesn’t it? 🙁

    Important detail #1: the officer was investigating complaints of lewd behavior in the public bathroom – so the officer would have been alert for something anyone else would have ignored.

    Important detail #2: he plead guilty to a disorderly conduct charge rather than defend himself against the officers accusations.


    Important bathroom tips:


  25. Mister Mustard says:

    >>3) Ever picked up a piece of toilet paper that was on the floor?

    Ah, but THERE WAS NO PIECE OF TOILET PAPER ON THE FLOOR. The “honorable” Senator was making some kind of kitchie-kitchie-koo motion under the stall partition that was meant to indicate that if his neighbor had a boner that needed servicing, he was his man.

    And as to the “wide stance”, HAW HAW HAW. Unless the “honorable” Senator weights 1400 pounds, there’s just no way he was so “wide” as not to be able to keep his feet in his own stall. I’ve been in the bathrooms at the MSP airport, and I never had any trouble keeping my feet in my own stall. In fact, you’d have to be a gymnast to get a loafer in each of the adjoining stalls.

    Buh-bye, Larry. I hope you get an HIV test before you have sex with your wife again.

  26. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    #25 – BobH

    Nothing like carrying liberalism to a ludicrously absurd extreme.

    “What’s the issue with a kid seeing a blow job in the stall?”

    For a person to even ask such a question is a telling sign of how “tolerance” and value relativism has completely eaten away sanity and common sense in the West.

    How about because exposure to dysfunctional sexual behavior in childhood can permanently imprint dysfunctional associations?

    For a child to accidentally witness a pair-bonded, affectionate couple engaging in conventional sexual activity – something that can still result in trauma, since children are not mentally or emotionally equipped to comprehend what they’re witnessing, let alone the complex emotions evoked – is something to be avoided under the best of circumstances.

    But to think that witnessing mentally unhealthy strangers compulsively engaging in deviant sexual behavior in a public place doesn’t place a prepubescent child at high risk of major psychological trauma is beyond idiotic, it’s borderline criminal.

    FYI, straight or not, people who do compulsively seek sex with anonymous strangers, in public places intended for urination and defecation, are in point of fact mentally unhealthy – and anyone who would allow any child to be exposed to such activity should never be permitted custodial care of any child. Sure, you have the right to do with another consenting adult whatever you choose – but that does not and never has meant that your acts are necessarily healthy, physically or mentally. Or that child will not be damaged by witnessing them.

    Adults are presumed to be mature, by definition, and can therefore choose for themselves from the gamut of options, from totally healthy and beneficial to self-destructively compulsive and destructive. Children are not competent and should never be exposed to sexual dysfunction if it can possibly be avoided.

    WTF is Larry Craig doing but acting on faulty imprints of what constitutes normal sexual behavior that he received in childhood?

    If he hadn’t been programmed by early events in his life to accept at a fundamental, nonverbal level that sex should be furtive, anonymous and involve excretory functions, he would’ve been home, in bed, merrily screwing his wife instead of sneaking around hoping to fellate some stranger in a toilet stall.


  27. Greg Allen says:

    Re: #25 & #28

    I’m a liberal but I think what BobH says is totally off-base. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of liberals feel the same way.

    Yes… OF COURSE… I’d rather my 7 year old son see a blow job than a murder, but both are damaging and he should be subject to neither.

    Sex acts in public rest rooms are appropriately illegal. It is just wrong if my wife sends our child into a rest room and he has to risk seeing extremely inappropriate sexual behavior by a bunch of Republicans.

  28. Anonymous Coward says:

    Was Craig a pitcher or a catcher? Inquiring minds…

  29. joshua says:

    #24…BobH….Ted Kennedy should at the least been charged with criminal negligence. That girl died because of his behavior and lack of balls, nothing more.
    As to your theory that blow job trauma is acceptable to a child….I think you need long and intensive therapy yourself.

    Neither party has a lock on pervs in the ranks, we are going through a Republican storm at the moment, but it will change again, it always does.
    Craig is supposed to resign on Saturday, so he should find God and forgiveness by Weds at the latest.

  30. NappyHeadedHo says:

    It could be that he just wanted some help wiping.


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