Because in space nobody can hear you… pray?

Malaysian Islamic body rules on how to pray, wash and die in space – physorg.com: Two Malaysian candidates, a doctor and an army dentist who are both Muslims, are undergoing training in Russia with the winner expected to be announced on Friday, ahead of the 11-day space mission which starts on October 10.
Other Muslims have ventured into space, but none during the fasting month of Ramadan which began last week, and Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) is hopeful the astronaut will choose to fast during his voyage.

Because the space station circles the Earth 16 times a day, theoretically a Muslim would have to pray 80 times a day while staying there.
But the guidelines stipulate that the astronaut need only pray five times a day, just as on Earth, and that the times should follow the location where the spacecraft blasted off from — in this case, Baikonur in Russia.

  1. JPritt says:

    Religious people need to wake up and realize there is no need for God to explain extremely bad luck or horrible personal choices. There is a way to explain bad things that happen to you using the scientific method, statistics, or logic. There is no need to dumb down to superstition or wish-thinking.

  2. RBG says:

    Then explain that bad thing, the inability to reconcile the electroweak force and quantum chromodynamics into a QCD-electroweak interaction.


  3. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    No need to explain it. The answer – all answers – are in de Bibble.

    …or so I have been informed by no small number of scientific illiterates.

  4. estacado says:

    Why is this such a big deal. Muslims praying in space. That’s all there is to it! The Malaysian government also plays it’s part in making this non-news a news. Unless they find the cure for cancer up there, why even bother reporting this stuff.


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