1. Mr. Fusion says:

    #31, Joshua,

    While you are correct and I don’t dispute that, damn you can take the fun out of fantasizing.

  2. FUALL says:

    Up until few years ago canadian prime minister didnt have any special guards (until he was attacked by some wacko in his home).
    But then Canada is not the country that rule the world (or try to) 😉
    The bigger you are the more enemies you have.
    Kennedy had quite few guards and agents around him when he was shot, and those were the times when America had about billion less enemies than she has today.

    It is embarrassing to have an idiot president, but its even more embarassing to not being able to protect your own head of state and have him killed.
    Only idiot or true anti-american would want that.

  3. TheGlobalWarmer says:

    I don’t see the big deal: POTUS is the leader of the most important country on the planet and therefore the most important person on the planet and therefore needs constant protection.

  4. James Hill says:

    I want to own the President but can’t afford the security detail.

    If he is gay like me I could find the money somehow.

  5. Mister Mustard says:

    >>POTUS is the leader of the most
    >>important country on the planet

    Pathetic, isn’t it? Having an intellectual midget like the Chimp in Chief in a position like that?

    The End Times are coming……

  6. Bud says:

    I don’t think this is a complete picture. He travels with a medical staff too.

  7. Joshua says:

    #32…Fusion….oooops…..sorry!!!!! 🙂


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