As Japan takes a more active role in military affairs, the defence minister has more on his mind than just threats here on Earth. Shigeru Ishiba became the second member of the cabinet to profess a belief in UFOs and said he was looking at how Japan’s military could respond to aliens under the pacifist constitution. “There are no grounds for us to deny that there are unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and some life-form that controls them,” Ishiba told reporters, saying it was his personal view and not that of the defence ministry.Ishiba, nicknamed a “security geek” for his wonkish knowledge of defence affairs, noted that Japan deployed its military against Godzilla in the classic monster movie. “Few discussions have been made on what the legal grounds were for that,” the minister said with a slight grin, drawing laughter from reporters. Due to the US-imposed 1947 constitution, Japan’s de facto military is known as the Self-Defence Forces and has never fired a shot in combat since World War II. Ishiba said he was examining different scenarios for an alien invasion.

“If they descended, saying ‘People of the Earth, let’s make friends,’ it would not be considered an urgent, unjust attack on our country,” Ishiba said. Ishiba’s remarks came after the government this week said it had no knowledge of UFOs, prompting a surprise rebuttal from the top government spokesman.

“Personally, I absolutely believe they exist,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura said on Tuesday.

My comment: “Klaatu barada nikto” which in translation means “Don’t Tase me Bro”.

  1. moss says:

    I think the translation would still be more like “Don’t taze them, bro'”.

  2. ALIEN says:

    In peace we come.

  3. Jetfire says:

    Godzilla would be protected by PETA. All the Japanese would have to leave because it’s his natural habitat.

    Kind of sad when PC correctness gets in the way of defense.

  4. AdmFubar says:

    My bets are on Mothra this time..

  5. McCullough says:

    Mothra rules dude!

  6. Glenn E. says:

    “No Kill I” (from the old Star Trek’s Horta).

    Oh Brother! These are what passes for educated people in sensitive positions of their government. Guys who sight what happened in Godzilla movies?!! A- that was a kiddie movie (in Japan). B- Godzilla wasn’t an alien creature. And C- the movies were really anti-nuke themed films. As in, look what the US’s nukes did, they created these monsters. Unfortunately, Godzilla hated the competition, more than he like stomping on Tokyo. And besides all of that. The annoying bunch of japanese kids in most of these movies, always proves to be smarter than the military’s leaders. To which the military listens to, without any reservations. So while these films tended to be anti-nuke(US)/ pro-environmentalism. They were also pro-military (Japan)/ pro-authority. There were never any student or citizen protests shown in them. Which isn’t the reality in Japan. They protest things there, plenty!

    But how a bunch of yahoos could be in important positions of their government, and say they believe in UFOs (because of popular fiction) and how they’d like to see a defense policy change to prepare for the inevitable invasion… Is really beyond belief. Perhaps their government should think about doing better psych evaluations in the future. And worry less about fulfilling the nepotismal requirements.

  7. McCullough says:

    #6. Are you saying you DONT believe in UFO’s? Or Mothra? Maybe Mothman? Step into the 21st century.

  8. MikeN says:

    Giuliani said he would be prepared too.

  9. Juan Cardona says:

    As improbable as it is, contact with other intelligences can not be ruled out completely… at least an outline on how to deal with them should exist unless you wanna be caught with your pants down as the Japanese were when Commodore Perry showed up in the 185? with his cannon ladden “black ships”… or as the indians were when the europeans came… isn’t there any think tank out there that can dedicate some time to this? As ridiculous as it may seem, it would be more ridiculous to either overreact and deal with retaliation or to be, maybe not being conquered, but duped as the indians were, giving up gold and territories in exchange for mirrors and beads??

  10. Glenn E. says:

    Considering how extremely unlikely it would be for such an alien invisitation to occur. It would be a terrible waste of public funds to prepare for it, while ignoring, or underfunding, other more likely catastrophic events. Like a multiple sea quake, or very intense solar flare. Sorry, no funds or plan for that. But we’re covered should E.T. show up.

    I’ve concluded that UFOs are of any alien origin, simply because of their reported activities. Their operators would very likely have to be highly intellegent beings. And yet they’re used for the least intellegent purposes. Why would anyone travel light years, to spy on yokels in trailer parks? And if they were trying to hid their activities, why are they so monumentally inept at this?! They’ve had years to observe our aircraft. Just make a noise life a plane, display a single red and white light, and flash a single white beacon strobe. And 99.99% of the population would ignore them. BUT NOOOOO! They have to silently hover over a big city, and have all kinds of lights going. They’re not very bright chaps, for whatever the hell they’re up to, and from how far away they’ve had to come from.

    Maybe they’re all just a bunch of rich idiots, driving SUVs (saucer utility vehicles), that they bought from a more advance planet, who’s too smart to come here. I don’t think we have very much to worry about from these tourists.

  11. Gasbag says:

    We came in peace shoot to kill more like it

  12. Joshua says:

    Ok….what’s up…half the pic’s on the page are missing like 90% of their whatever?
    Everytime I have come to this site for this past week, strabge things are on my page.
    Earlier this week, there were big blank spaces where video’s and stuff were supposed to be.
    I’m really disliking this new set up more and more.

  13. Jopa says:

    As more nations have more access to space and space age technologies, more of them will find the evidence for ET Intelligent life. Furthermore, there is an increasing stream of high quality government personnel that are giving first rate eye witness account regarding UFOs and data collected regarding their activities. From Astronauts (which I find the most trustable) to military pilots to defense officials. Canada’s defense minister talked about it, now it is Japan’s defense minister. If you really start digging into this subject, it is absolutely unbelievable how much info is out there, even if you disregard 99% of it and focus just on the high quality stuff – it is truly amazing.
    My personal opinion is that the phenomenon is 100% undeniable.
    That it is probably some sort of advanced vehicle. That the governments probably know but are silent because they cannot do anything to stop this from happening. That these UFOs a driven by some sort of intelligent beings and that at least they are not flat out hostile towards us. Nevertheless, they ain’t very friendly either. The simple fact is that they have not yet attacked us (at least on a large scale) and yet to have established any formal or very public contact (or maybe they did but we don’t “get it”).

  14. Li says:

    This man joins the ranks of astronauts, generals, military investigators and FAA chiefs that have come out and stated the UFO reality. Whole nations (Belgium, Mexico, France, Singapore) have come out and said that it is a real phenomena. This isn’t really news.

    Except in the US of course, where humor and derision is the reflexive response to anything like this. Of course, the American ability to ignore reality has been used to great effect by our politicians, “a few bad apples” and all.


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