Santa returns fire

Drug traffickers in Rio de Janeiro have opened fire on a helicopter carrying an actor dressed as Santa Claus to a children’s party in a shanty town.

They apparently believed it was a police helicopter being used in a raid and fired at least two bullets into the fuselage…

The undeterred Santa continued his journey by car to keep his promise to deliver his presents.

Santa gets combat pay in Brazil?

  1. moss says:

    Cripes – we had a police chopper shot down over Albuquerque a couple years ago.

    Though, nothing has ever matched the German who fired dumplings from his backyard at US warplanes.

  2. Angel H. Wong says:

    Santa’s workshop is the next Guantamo, what were you expecting from a middleaged white guy who wears knee high black leather boots and has a penchant for calling people a whore?


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