Andrew Fentem has worked on innovative human computer interfaces for some time, after beginning his career in military research and development, specifically missiles.

His latest creation, the Fentix Cube, is generating a lot of interest from toy manufacturers and buzz on the internet, based on a few clips he put on YouTube…

But the colourful exterior masks a combination of innovative technologies that have propelled Apple’s iPhone and Nintendo’s Wii to huge success this year.

The cube contains a large battery, an array of LEDs and crucially three accelerometers which can detect the pitch and yaw of the device, and sensors on the inside surface for touch control.

Mr Fentem says: “You instinctively know how to use it. The way you understand the world as a young child is through physical and spatial awareness, up or down. It’s how you learn and communicate.”…

“This was originally an artistic intervention into the gadget market. If you really want to make something unusual, you really have to understand the physics of how things work.

Oh – is he going to make a lot of money!

Update: Uncle Dave posted this vid in October. Fentem’s work appears to be marching towards commerce.

  1. Les says:

    I’m getting deja vu all over again. Hasn’t this already been posted?

  2. RobLeather says:

    Just what the world wanted. A $10,000 Rubic’s cube. What will they ever think of next… and when will they stop.


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