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Join the discussion on illegal immigration on Dvorak’s Cage Match.

Thanks K.D. Martin.

  1. edwinrogers says:

    Last one out, turn off the lights.

  2. Jägermeister says:

    Yeah, go back all you illegal immigrant scumbags!!!

  3. Higley Pundit says:

    We fume at the illegals, but do nothing to the US employers. If the first illegal to sneak over the border hadn’t been given a job, there wouldn’t have been a second, let alone today’s wave.

  4. Mister Catshit says:

    #2, Jag,

    Good point in your link. What if, however, it was a mastodon suggesting that to the first humans crossing on the land bridge from Siberia?

  5. Angel H. Wong says:

    Oh yeah! Make life miserable to those who will pay for YOUR Social Security ’cause other than Mel Gibson’s wife and the Mormons I ain’t seeing any white folks breeding like rabbits.

  6. MoparPower says:

    Free education and free health care? Are they going to Canada?

    Happy new year from sweden

  7. BubbaRay says:

    If you read Cage Match and the DMN article, this was disturbing.

    “If there are jobs in America, Latino immigrants will come, no matter the risk. And why not? They may be at the bottom of the economic ladder here, but they’re making about four times, on average, what they could back home.”

    Nothing will be done until employers can be stopped from hiring them.

    Just my 2 cents (3 new gold dollars) worth.

  8. Jägermeister says:

    #4 – Mister Catshit – What if, however, it was a mastodon suggesting that to the first humans crossing on the land bridge from Siberia?

    Well, he would have been taken to court by the pissants. 😉

    #5 – Angel – …other than Melg Gibson’s wife and the Mormons I ain’t seeing any white folks breeding like rabbits.


    #3 (Higley Pundit), #7 (BubbaRay) – Nothing will be done until employers can be stopped from hiring them.

    Bingo! And to make up for the higher wages in order to hire locals, you’ll end up with inflation.

  9. Tippis says:

    Sounds like it’s time for some classic Maddox

  10. Awake says:

    Historically, countries on the rise all welcome low skilled laborers (gardeners, maids, food servers, etc) while the local population enjoyed the benefits of the ‘good’ jobs. When countries start to decline, then they start trying to scapegoat those same low wage people that were so welcome and needed before.
    It’s interesting that illegal immigration is a huge rallying cry for insecure conservatives, yet the way that their own political party has spearheaded the export of ‘good’ jobs to foreign countries is not only no source of complaints, but a source of pride.
    You want to protect American jobs, it actually makes much more sense to vote Democrat.

  11. BubbaRay says:

    #8, Jägermeister said,

    Bingo! And to make up for the higher wages in order to hire locals, you’ll end up with inflation.

    I’m no economist. I just don’t understand the logic behind the inflation. I would certainly like to, if you’ve a good “economics for dummies” reference I could read.

  12. JimR says:

    MoparPower from Sweden, I thought so too. The sign is a little ambiguous as to which border it’s referring to. It can read as “USA, KEEP OUT.” or “USA! KEEP OUT!”

    On the other hand, all the “free’ stuff up here is dearly paid for through higher personal taxes and by paying the high corporate taxes passed to us through higher retail prices. The average Canadian only has .40 on every dollar earned after all imposed taxes.

    From when the CAD was .65 USD or now at 1.02 USD, i’ve been buying items from the USA for 1/4 to 1/2 what I would pay here.

  13. #10 – pedro – BTW, how did those indians get there?

    They jumped the fence built by the mastodon.

    #11 – Awake

    You sure are awake. Good post!

    #12 – BubbaRay

    Plenty of information on the net. Look for Cost-Push Inflation. Some good links there.

  14. the Three-Headed Cat says:

    This Chicken-Little “if we have to pay Americans to do shit work, it’ll cause inflation” line is another boogieman. Any tendency toward inflation is offset by increased domestic consumption – all those wages being sent abroad will be spent here, by Americans, and – because we’re talking the lower wage tiers here – it’ll be spent on staples, the production, distribution and sales of which mean more work for other lower-paid Americans.

    Them as are inclined to feel sorry for illegals will use whatever comes to hand to rationalize the status quo. Championing the underdog is often noble and righteous – but that laudable goal has become dogma, which is to say, bullshit, when the underdog is asserting “rights” they never had in the first place, which erode the real rights of members of our own populace, to whom we have an obligation.

    It’s so unkind, apparently, to tell them to go back and try improving things in their OWN countries – the ones they are quick to tell you are better than the U.S. If Mexico and Mexican ways are the best – as every Mexican illegal “knows”- then why shouldn’t they be expected to show some patriotism and work to make Mexico better, eh?

  15. Jägermeister says:

    #16 – THC

    You’re wrong, but sure… forbid illegals to work in the U.S. and we’ll see how it goes with the economy. But it will be hard to see what to blame for the downfall, the war in Iraq or throwing out the illegals. See you on the watermelon fields and Wal-Mart, THC.

  16. JimR says:

    Look at it this way. low wage alien earners make everyone’s food more affordable, so much so that it is far cheaper to truck a head of lettuce from California to Ontario, Canada, than to buy it from the farmer’s market down the street. I don’t know every factor resulting in the very high cost of goods in Canada, but lower cost of living due to cheap Mexican labor has something to do with it. In return, they take or send money back to their own country which helps the economy there as well. Canadians buy most of their “fresh” produce from americans for the same reason. I see it as a win-win-win relationship.

  17. GF says:

    Arizona’s new employer-sanctions law, the toughest in the nation, goes into effect Tuesday. Business owners will be held accountable if they hire illegal aliens. They must verify all new hires after January 1st using E-Verify. The new law has survived 2 lawsuits already and the Maricopa County (Phoenix) Attorney plans to start investigations of illegal hiring immediately.


  18. TMack says:

    Let’s see how they enforce the law.Employers get away with it because after a month or so it’s back to status quo !American Companies like cheep labor how else can keep there profit margins up!!

  19. Mister Catshit says:

    Many of the illegal immigrants use stolen ID. This causes untold problems for the actual person. Others use forged SS cards and numbers, a felony. When you suggest illegals only want to work, then they shouldn’t be using identification that isn’t theirs. This is no more a justifiable argument then my stealing food because I’m hungry.

    If the eviction of all illegal immigrants causes inflation or economic hardships, then so be it.

  20. Glenn E. says:

    There was one booth missing on the USA side. There should have been a “Go Army” stand. That’s what the US immigration policy will lead to next. They’ll be recuiting (or drafting) them into the military, to fight the wars we americans don’t want to fight. Because those will be the next, lowest paid jobs left, after outsourcing everything else to another country. And pretty soon these illegals will just be spending time in the USA, to earn enough money for a plane ride to europe. Because the Euro is going to beat the US Dollar into the ground. So our immigration problem, will very soon be France and England’s problem (and maybe Canada’s too).

  21. Named says:


    Not entirely true. One of the major reasons why manufacturing something in one part of the world and shipping it to another still provides cheaper goods is that all transport industries are totally deregulated to the point where most merchant ships are basically slave ships flying under flags of convenience for whichever awful country you choose. Hell, even CRUISE ships fly under foreign flags. Trucking is another industry that was totally deregulated, remove some tariffs due to NAFTA / FTA, and you’ve got yourself almost zero costs in shipping. Only THEN can you exploit foreign labour.

  22. eyeofthetiger says:

    Drinking game, anyone?

  23. sam says:

    Dr. Kevin Macdonald will tell you about the 1965 immigration act and ethnic interest group lobbying.

    The same people who brought Africans into France before world war one are bringing Mexicans into America.

  24. Thomas says:

    Clearly you are far from awake. Honestly, take some classes on economics.

    The US *still* welcomes low skilled laborers as long as they enter the country legally. No one is saying that legal immigrants are a problem. Your argument is akin to saying that law enforcement should leave organized crime alone because they create jobs.

    Outsourcing is an entirely different issue from that of illegal immigration. Outsourcing is being caused by communities and the country in general not being competitive in the global marketplace. Let’s suppose that we wave a magic pixie wand and entirely eliminate illegal immigration. In no way does that solve the problem that the cost of doing business in the US is more expensive in terms of labor, liabilities, taxes etc than in some other countries. At some level, you hit a tipping point where it makes sense for a business to move production overseas. The solution is to encourage companies to maintain production in the US and encourage other businesses to move production to the US. If you cannot or are unwilling to change the cost of labor in a labor intensive industry, then the incentives have to come from somewhere else.

    > You want to protect American jobs, it
    > actually makes much more sense to
    > vote Democrat.

    I blew my coffee over my desk when I read that. Increasing taxes will have the exact opposite effect on American jobs. If you want to protect American jobs, vote for someone that will encourage businesses to stay in the US by keeping taxes low.

    If low income workers help the economy, then why don’t we lower the minimum wage? Why *depend* on people breaking the law just so your produce is cheaper?

  25. hhopper says:

    Hey!! Why don’t you guys take this over to Cage Match? It’s a much better format for arguing and you can post photos.

  26. zaw says:

    I’m a immigrant also. I also know some of the Mexican legal immigrants, compare to the way how they get to this country with my way, I think its harder for Mexican to come here legally.

    I got here less then a year of paperwork. My Mexican friends took 6 years of paperwork.

  27. RickCain says:

    The whole immigration issue is a load of crap.

    The GOP loves illegals, its cheap labor and since they are owned by corporations, the flow of illegals continues so they can help make insulation, bone chickens, and keep executives houses clean and their gardens tidy.


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