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  1. Mister Catshit says:

    #21 Philleep,

    The short answer is yes, you are shallow.

    The longer answer takes a deeper reply. I’ll type slow as I understand you don’t read very fast. It is OK to move your lips.

    In #19, you wrote:

    Everyone is a terrorist, so no one is a terrorist, so it makes no difference at all if anyone blows up a bunch of people?

    If you are the parent, child, sibling, neighbor, or whatever of the person killed, does it matter if the cause was a child with explosives strapped to his body or a 500 kg bomb dropped from a F-16? The end result is the same. Another innocent life taken because of someone else. Not many people jump up and down for joy because their mother was killed by those fighting for a good cause.

    Would it make any difference if the US government is killing a bunch of people? Wheee.

    They and their friends, the Israelis, do with impunity. They do it under the banner of “freedom”. The lives of the people they conquered mean nothing. So I guess the “freedom” only applies to them.

    In #21, you wrote:

    You do remember how “panties on head” were [sic] “torture”, right? So, the natural result of that was a poll showing that most US citizens thought “torture” was okay.

    Panties on the head was just one thing. I don’t recall anyone suggesting that in itself amounted to torture. It was degrading and extremely insulting to the prisoners. It was classified as abuse.

    What was classified as torture was the snarling dogs inches from the prisoners faces. Forcing prisoners to make human pyramids while naked. Putting them into cold cells without clothing or blankets. Taping wires to their genitals then making them stand with their arms outstretched or they would be zapped. Forcing prisoners to have sex with each other. Sodomizing boys. Making women strip in front of men.

    Nor do I ever recall US citizens thinking torture was ever “OK”. Torture has always been anathema to Americans, in fact, to the whole civilized world.

    After all, water boarding, feeding people feet first into shredders, feeding people to starving dogs, and drilling holes in them with hand drills are all “morally equivalent” to something as frivolous as “panties on head”.

    As I pointed out, the “panties” episode is abuse. Only you and the other shallow people equate it as torture and therefore allowable. Maybe the question should be where is the line between abuse and torture. If it was that offensive to your culture and beliefs, then maybe it is torture.

  2. RickCain says:

    Easy. Terrorism is when other people do it. When WE do it its freedom fighting.

    Do islamics want to take over the world? Sure they do, but so do christians, and the hindus, and the buddhists. The nasty thing about religion is that each group believes they are right and everybody else is wrong.

    Now are the islamics succeeding? Well, not really! Have you ever seen a shiite and a sunni agree on anything? youtube is full of “debates” between the 2 religious sects that always degrade into shouting matches, and threatening comments posted by viewers. Osama has failed miserably…uniting the muslim religion under a single leader???? Ha! How naive could he be!


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