Here’s an update on the case.

  1. JPV says:


    JPV I hope you badly need police one day and they refuse to help you.


    I have never seen, or known of anyone that has ever received any help from cops. All they do is shrug their shoulders at crime scenes.

    I’ve also had a family member assaulted by someone in the military and the policed lied about the evidence to protect him.

    That sort of help I can do without. Fuck them.

  2. GRtak says:

    While I am sure that alcohol was involved, it does not excuse the actions of the original Police officer for arresting a victim or the Deputies.

  3. TThor says:

    One more example – US gone nazi!

  4. flintlock says:

    Police strip search to intimidate and humilliate, show prowes over people in custody. It happened to me for no good reason in the uk. It should only be done by same sex people. They seem to be commiting a bigger “crime” than anything she may have done to get arrested.

  5. Mister Catshit says:

    I bet if the missing video was made available, the police would look even worse.

    This has happened for decades. It has only been with the introduction of inexpensive video that we are seeing police brutality in action so frequently. It used to be “the prisoner fell down”.

    These cops should lose their jobs and the Sheriff booted out of office. They will end up costing the county a ton of money.

  6. dlbeard says:

    Moral of the story.
    Got a problem?
    It probably won’t help to call the police.
    The real bitch of the story is that the police aren’t coming down on the bad behavior of their comrades. The Sheriff sees no problem with their behavior. It is possible to have a bad cop or two, but when you see it essentially authorized by the Sheriff, I am reminded of some things that happened in the 60’s.

  7. TIHZ_HO says:

    #35 Mister Catshit

    “They will end up costing the county a ton of money.”

    Ahhh…perhaps we are getting to the reason why things are getting so expensive in the US. Someone ultimately gets to pays for this…

    …and “someone” is YOU!

    Have a happy day and get those wallets out!


  8. gquaglia says:

    My vision of JPV, 16-20 years old, overweight or ugly as a troll, virgin, no friends, smokes a lot of pot, sits in front of his computer 23 hrs a day. Basically a loser. Basically a janitor has more going for him then you do…

  9. Mister Catshit says:

    #37, T-H,

    While I understand your point, I don’t totally disagree. The problem isn’t the high cost of settlements. It is in the attitude of “we don’t have to”.

    Every day in the US there are millions of transactions that go well. There are millions of products made that work. There are billions of uses that go without any failure. It is when shit happens and the culpable claim too bad that things end up in court. Just judging from the responses on this blog, most people find this police behavior reprehensible. Yet, the Sheriff sees no problem. It is because of the police action and the Sheriff’s reaction that this issue will end up in court.

    Just a few months ago there was a similar episode in Utah where a State Trooper tazered a guy over a speeding ticket. Over 90% of the respondents were in agreement the cop was wrong. Yet, the State police oversight group decided the cop was just fine.

    What should have been an apology, some reprimands into certain officer’s files, and maybe compensatory damages of a few thousand, instead we will have at least a six figure settlement. All because, in this case, the police think they are above the law.

  10. the answer says:

    How does the person just not go into the prison and shoot up the place?

  11. gquaglia says:

    #40 – I don’t know, why don’t you give it a shot and let us know how you make out.

  12. domc says:

    Former military should not be police officers. The
    original mindset/intent of the military is to KILL people.

  13. Rick Cain says:

    This is what happens when we give the police the benefit of the doubt too often. They abuse their authority. The citizen doesn’t realize how much power a cop wields until they find out one can walk up to you, grab your arm, push you to the ground and put you in a choke hold and if you resist, you have broken the law….assuming you survive.


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