This reads just like one of those bogus Top 10 lists editors like to foist on people every January. Aside from the survey being subjective [which may be useful, after all, to the website], you could sit back and write the answers a half-dozen different ways and it would be just as believable.

The Apple brand has the biggest impact on the world’s consumers, while Microsoft and the United States nation brand are those considered most in need of a remake.

The poll by online magazine asked its readers to identify the brands with the greatest impact on their lives, and say how they affected readers’ behaviour and their view of the world.

The nearly 2,000 professionals and students who voted named Apple overwhelming winner. The creator of the iPod and Mac computer triumphed in six categories including most inspiring brand and the one readers cannot live without.

Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker was also a winner, but it received the dubious honor of the brand most readers wanted to argue with, and the one they most wanted to revamp. Voted into second place in the category was brand USA…

After Apple, the most inspiring brands were Nike, Coca-Cola, Google and Starbucks, the survey showed.

The same brands, except with Virgin in place of Starbucks, were the brands most readers would “like to sit next to at a dinner party”.

I wonder why survey people persist in asking dumb questions left over from a 1960’s sociology course.

“Who would you like to sit next to at a dinner party?” Give me a break!

  1. McCullough says:

    “I wonder why survey people persist in asking dumb questions left over from a 1960’s sociology course.”

    The last job I interviewed for asked questions like that. I quickly turned down their offer.

  2. andy says:

    what a lame survey. where’s the fishy-meter when you need it?

  3. the answer says:

    What’s a united states nation brand? Is that like buying a tee shirt made in USA, China? Yes there is a town in china called USA so that it can say Made in usa.

  4. framitz says:

    I bet the people were surveyed as they left an Apple store….

    Fanboys should love it.

  5. Eideard says:

    Actually, the town named USA is mythically in Japan – and an urban legend according to Snopes.

  6. jbenson2 says:

    Apple is a United States brand.

    Dumb Survey
    Dumb Article

  7. chuck says:

    Apple is a U.S. brand.
    And while it may say “Designed in California”, it’s built in China.

  8. Mark Derail says:

    Ditto on the “dumb”.

    Sounds like a paid-for-hire article.

    I’m square in the target marketing sights for Apple, age, gender, revenue, etc.

    Yet I own zero Apple products, and couldn’t possibly put a $ figure on Microsoft products, but it’s huge (personal & business).

    I might consider Apple TV Take 2 – because it’s cheaper than building my own, and for the first time I can watch a DVD Quality movie for less money that renting at the Video Store.
    Time-to-download-and-watch being roughly the same as driving to the store, picking out a movie, waiting in line at the cash, head back home. Say 15 minutes of pre-download so you don’t get a pause.

  9. Sweet4Jobs says:

    I can tell you first hand the “impact” I make when I pull into Starbucks in my Beamer, saunter up to the counter order a double latte. Then I sit in the corner and whip out my MacBook Air.
    All the guys want to be like me.
    All the girls want to be with me!

  10. Mister HorseShit says:

    Microsoft needs a new logo somewhat along Apples, only MS would have a big turd with a bite out of it.

  11. bobbo says:

    Something “definitional” is going on here.

    How come “biggest impact” isn’t reflected in sales?

  12. hhopper says:

    #10 – How about this?

  13. framitz says:

    #9 around here in Orange county CA driving a beemer doesn’t mean shit any more than having a mac air does.

    A Lambo or Ferarri somtimes impress’s, but a beemer is like a Corolla in how common it is.

  14. framitz says:

    #9 Here in Orange county CA driving a beemer doesn’t mean shit any more than having a mac air does.

    A Lambo or Ferrari sometimes impress’s, but a beemer is like a Corolla in how common it is.

  15. zorkor says:

    I think its true that apple has become a well known brand now. iPhone , iPod touch, MacBook air and its mac products running windows have all contributed in the rise of apple. But if you leave butt lazy America aside, Nokia is the king in the rest of the world while Americas motorola is whithering away.

  16. Sweet4Jobs says:

    No, you’re wrong.
    I have the goatee and the pony tail.
    I wear the little narrow rectangular glasses.

    I am all that and a bag of chips!

  17. mliving says:

    Well I recently moved to a MAC (Shiny 24″ iMac) and I must say the more I use it the better and better it feels.

    Not to say OS X doesn’t have it’s share of annoyances but they are just that annoyances and not show stoppers or anything like Vista requiring users to ditch equipment because a lack of planned driver support.

    OS X is an amazingingly well thought out OS and with features like Time Machine it’s hard to call Microsoft’s attempts worthwhile.

    BTW… I also run Windows via Parallels and Windows does run faster and better in a Parallels VM sharing 4GB of memory with my iMac than Windows does running by itself on a 3GHz P4 with 4GB of ram. Sorry if that offends but its just the way it is.


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