That’s the premise of a bill to be introduced in Congress by Senator Bill Nelson of Florida.

Abolish the Electoral College… the candidate who wins a majority of the votes should win the presidency.

Establish rotating interregional primaries

Provide for nationwide early voting

Allow absentee ballots on demand

Improve vote verification

Fund pilot vote-by-mail and Internet voting

Establish standards for voter registration lists

The article has the details. Shouldn’t be much of a wait for the smokescreen from politicians who want “electoral reform” – as long as it doesn’t challenge the status quo.

No, I have no idea if this will ever get past the do-nothings in Congress – at least part of this proposal will require a Constitutional amendment.

Democracy. Too radical for America?

  1. Stars & Bars says:

    Here is the difference between a republic and a democracy. In a democracy citizens have one vote. In a republic citizens have three votes; the one to elect public officials, one on a grand jury to protect us from over zealous prosecutors, one on a regular jury to judge both the law and the defendant. Jury nullification is the difference between a republic and a democracy.


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