The coroner hearing an inquest into the death of Britain’s Princess Diana in a car crash said there was no evidence that her former father-in-law, the Duke of Edinburgh, had “ordered Diana’s execution”.

Princess Diana died in a crash in Paris in 1997 along with Dodi al-Fayed, whose father Mohamed al-Fayed has accused Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip of being behind her death.

After almost six months of listening to more than 250 witnesses, Lord Justice Scott Baker told the jury in his summing up: “There is no evidence that the Duke of Edinburgh ordered Diana’s execution and there is no evidence that the security intelligence services or any other government agency organized it.”

In other up-to-date news: The Florida Marlins won the World Series and Manchester United was champion of the English Premier League.

In 1997.

  1. jccalhoun hates the spam filter says:

    There’s also no evidence that he ordered her not to wear a seatbelt which might have saved her life either.

  2. Ah_Yea says:

    I very much feel for Mohamed al-Fayed’s loss. But he is not doing anything except wasting public money and embarrassing himself on his own personal jihad against the crown.

    He needs to just let it go.

  3. sjbildermann says:

    There is however much evidence that Phil the Greek is a philandering foul-mouthed bigot. Generally accepted as one of the sleaziest characters around. Avoid at all costs

  4. ghm101 says:

    I think he is a buffoon rather than a bigot, like some a national elderly embarrassing relative at a family do.

  5. Shak says:

    I can’t believe he got away with it. Just because he’s part of the tourist trail in London. It is one of the most callous acts I have ever seen, and he is still walking free 10 year later. I am sickened that Al Fayed is still trying to milk his own son’s death for free publicity for his shop. The press should just stop giving him the column inches and airtime that he doesn’t deserve.

    £6M could have been spent in so many better ways than yet another inquest for a woman who didn’t wear a seatbelt in a car with a drunk driver. I’m sure she would have rather the money was spent relieving famine, combating aids or feeding ponies.

    Al Fayed is the only frankenstein – he created this ugly story and it took on a life of it’s own.

  6. moss says:

    I guess I should mention that al-Fayed isn’t legitimately his name, either. The “al” prefix is acquired through birth or gift – in his case, it’s an affectation that he knew would impress ignorant Brit society.

    Wasn’t there when he landed in the UK.

  7. moss says:

    btw – it does appear the Red Devils will do it, again, this year.

  8. OhForTheLoveOf says:

    #3 – Who?

  9. chuck says:

    There’s also no evidence that the Duke of Edinburgh knows how to spread butter on his toast.

    In fact, there’s substantial evidence to the contrary.

  10. Shak says:

    #7, #3 meant the Queen’s other 1/2, #2 in the Royal Family, Prince Philip, who is of Greek extraction, and who is irreverently known as “Phil the Greek” by his adoring subjects. I should know, as I’m one of them.

    Long live the Queen, and all who sail in her!

  11. ~stickie~ says:

    There is alot of atories and rumours goin ’bout Princess Diana and her death. Some people say that the reason she was in the car accindent was because of the papprazzi and them surrounding her car, and others say that it was Prince Phillips fault. i wonder wonder what side of the mystery is true….

  12. canada says:

    yep, maybe it is the papparazzi’s fault beacuse at the time of her death there was papparazzi surrounding her car hoping to get pictures and interviw her.

  13. ~stickie~'s friend says:

    how come we have to talk about princess diana?
    how come we cant talk about other things like britney spears and her pregnancy? shes pregnant again you know. or maybe even ashlee simpson and her wedding? maybe even jessica simpson and hey break-up with tony wuts-his name? we could even talk about jamie-lynns pregnany and how she might be having a boy or a girl and that she is confusing the paparazzi? some people think im a little crazy and weird for even reading the magazines bout stuff like that but some of ot is kinda interestingthough, even though it just gets famous celebrities mad. hoe did i even end up on this conversation?

  14. freak says:

    id anyone gonna like answer this perosn named ~stickie~’s friend, ya? cuz like if not, im like gonna go tye-dye my shirt and go and like, eat organic foods, ya. i wouldn tcall myself a hippie, but i like being mellow, ya. my freinds act like im some freak, just like my nickname, ya.


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