• Microsoft finds new bug in XP SP3 so they delay once again.
  • iMAC getting the first shot at the new Intel chip.
  • Giant Squid tells scientists that there are bigger ones out there.
  • Ballmer should stay at Microsoft? Or not?
  • Movie rentals via cell phone. Can you imagine the bill?
  • Microsoft setting up shop as a police department.
  • IBM makes dividend 50-cents a share.
  • Microsoft get closer to Linux.

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  1. Brian says:

    For the movie downloads over cell phones, why would there be a huge bill? All carriers offer unlimited data packages, only be a huge bill if you unwisely choose to download a film without one of these packages.

    As far as the XP SP3 service pack, microsoft would get slammed either way. Either they delay it and fix the issue and people get on them about not getting product out on time, or they release it, the bug’s discovered, and then people slam them for releasing faulty product. Despite this, MS continues to dominate market share.

  2. Mister Mustard says:

    >>Either they delay it and fix the issue and
    >>people get on them about not getting product out
    >>on time, or they release it, the bug’s
    >>discovered, and then people slam them for
    >>releasing faulty product.

    Well, there’s a third option (one that M$FT seems not to have considered to date): They fix the problems AND release the product on time. It’s not like they can’t afford enough programmers to work out the bugs AND get the thing out the door when they say they’re going to.

  3. Charbax says:

    Here in Denmark, not only do you get unlimited bandwidth on the 7.2mbit/s HSDPA cellular wireless network, it’s really unlimitted and doesn’t seem to be throttled. I heard about some people using 200GB of bandwidth per month on their HSDPA cell phone this way. The price for unlimitted HSDPA data is 299 danish kroner per month which is 62 dollars per month.

  4. Brian says:


    If you’ve ever done any programming (I’m assuming you haven’t), then you wouldn’t know the infinite number of variables that must be supported, especially in something as critical as a service pack that is going to be installed on millions of computers with millions of different configuration.

    Where was the hubbub over apple being late with their last OS release? But because it’s MS, a relatively easy target, people mock?

    Who cares. MS continues to dominate, is as profitable as ever, while the apple fanboys cheer their meager 12% market share.

  5. Mister Mustard says:

    >>If you’ve ever done any programming
    >>(I’m assuming you haven’t)

    Then you’d be wrong. Back when I was still interested in computers, I did plenty of programming: FORTRAN, Pascal, APL, C, C++, assembler, perl, VB, and more.

    You’re correct that I have never been involved with a godawful mess of spaghetti code like Windows, but that’s just Microsoft’s chickens coming home to roost. They had a code base that worked OK (sort of, kind of) for Windows 3.1, and they just kept piling it higher and deeper, promising much and delivering little, delivering it late, and delivering it in beta form for the users to debug.

    As to the non-hubbub over Apple and their OS, maybe it’s because once they DO get it out the door, it “just works”. They don’t make a business model out of promising the moon and the stars by one date, and delivering a steaming pile of shit a year later. Personally, I didn’t make a hubbub over the tardiness of the latest release of OS X, because I have no plans to upgrade (until I need a new Mac). The old version works flawlessly on my Powerbook, and there’s no reason for me to pay for a new OS. I understand Leopard is excellent though, so I’ll have no qualms about having it pre-installed when I DO buy a new machine. That would be in contrast with the steaming-pile-of-shit Vista, which I’ve had nothing but trouble with (got it shoved down my throat over a year ago, before they started offering laptops with “downgrades” back to XP, an OS that actually works (sort of, kind of).

  6. PeterR says:

    Giant Squid tells scientists that there are bigger ones out there

    Surely the big news is that squids can talk!

    “Hey, throw me back in the sea, there are lots more that are bigger than me!”

  7. B. Dog says:

    Microsoft is giving free COFEE to cops.


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