1. The Warden says:

    That is amazing he was able to play that and keep his composure all during the Eearthquake!

  2. bobbo says:

    Good composition and phrasing. I swear, my fingers can’t bend to make most of the chords–otherwise, I’d be as famous as this kid will be someday (soon).

  3. DieFundie says:

    That is quite the right thumbnail he’s developed. For that matter, all the nails on the right hand are remarkable. I wish him all the success in the world.

  4. andy says:

    check him out on youtube (jwcfree), plays a variety of songs

  5. Hates Vista Whiners says:

    bobbo, you’re doing it wrong. Anyones fingers can easily span four frets. If you have to stretch it is incorrect technique, thumb should be on back of the neck with fingers comfortably bent. I only play the female organ now however.

  6. thorton says:

    omg! He’s back! Who though? George or John??

  7. Eric says:

    While technically proficient, it doesn’t seem like he’s got a feel for the music yet. He hit almost all the right notes in almost the correct manner, however, there was something that was lacking in the delivery. Maybe that’s a cultural thing, but I think that the moment he understands why the notes are played and what they mean, he’ll take it to that “Unbelievable” level, and not just the “Wow, he’s simulating a four-piece band on a guitar” sound. I’d love to see him get there though, this kid’s certainly got potential.

  8. BertDawg says:

    Well, the world needs a replacement for Chet Atkins…

  9. Les says:

    #8 Agreed.

  10. andy says:

    there are probably more kids mimicking chet atkins in asia than in america. i kid you not.

  11. RBG says:

    7 Eric. “why the notes are played and what they mean”

    Say what? I’m beginning to understand why I’ve been stuck on Kumbaya for the past 30 years.


  12. moe29 says:

    technically perfect with the soul of a robot.

    music is more than just hitting all the right notes in perfect time. The reason player pianos can’t replace a live player.

  13. Steve says:

    I thought the kid showed a pretty strong understanding of what he was doing. He was rocking the main riff and unlike other freakishly capable whiz-kids, he seemed to be enjoying the whole thing ( like I was). Anybody who focuses on a flat note or two is missing the bigger picture of someone performing a nice piece of rock n’roll. Chuck Berry thru The Beatles thru Chet Atkins to this kid.
    Hey Hey My My !!!

  14. MarkParker says:

    Beautiful… Spent about a hundred bucks a month for almost three year on my daughter’s guitar lessons and never saw results like that. BTW, those fingernails take serious dedication to grow that long. That kid deserves our respect just for that alone…

  15. Jamie says:

    That was nice, I really enjoyed the kid rocking while he played. The guitar sounds really good and I just hope he becomes a Jimmy Page rather than Steve Vai.

  16. Pickle Monster says:

    Ahh, what a pleasure to watch a talented young person with a knack for that instrument find their way around it so well.

    And by the way, who cares if he’s Asian? It’s a universal revelation, when any player turns out to have “the stuff” for it.

  17. Leghorn says:

    Wait a minute. Is the audio a little too good here? The kid is shown in some living room, but there is no back ground noise from the room only a perfect acoustic echo that enhances,

    I’m just saying…

  18. Simon says:

    #17, he has an acoustic guitar pickup in the guitar soundhole, so he probably has it going into an audio interface on the computer and then he added a reverb/echo effect.

  19. Likes2LOL says:

    #12 Agreed… He never seems to smile at all. Maybe he’s an autistic savant?

    BTW, that move at 1:51-1:55 is worth a second look.


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