A wonder what else she can do with it. ;)

  1. MotaMan says:

    1:03-1:10 seemed to be the most genuine parts of this whole thing>

  2. PeterR says:

    A wonder what else she can do with it.

    What else can one do with a kazoo apart from play it?

    [Ed. – I was talking about her ‘talent’]

  3. Ah_Yea says:

    Does she do barmitzvahs?

  4. adventureran says:

    Seems like a lot of hassle just to get some guy to buy her a drink.

  5. richardbt71 says:

    Would you like to see your daughter do this in public?

  6. sam says:

    It seems like something a Howard Stern or Sasha Cohen or Ellen Degeneres would approve of.

    That was something wholly inappropriate. Back in the day you could get arrested for that.

  7. Rakarich says:

    Now THAT”S what I call a blow job!

    Ba dum bump!

  8. Michael says:

    “That was something wholly inappropriate. Back in the day you could get arrested for that.”

    Thank goodness those days are past.

  9. Miguel says:

    I wonder how she found out – and developed – that talent…

  10. Thinker says:

    Still… Unbelievably Crass, why even bother with the dress? She could have gotten more applause?

  11. To #6 & #10 – you do realie it’s a joke right? She’s not really playing the kazoo the way you think she is. As for #5, yes, I hope my daughter grows up to have that sort of creativity and such a good sense of humor. – just wanted to through in my two cents. – Senseless Babble

  12. Rich says:

    That’s juvenile and an unfunny.

  13. Michael says:

    “That’s juvenile and an unfunny.”

    And you’re an old fogie with no sense of humor.

  14. Mark Derail says:

    #12 & #13 Rich & Michael

    We need Mister Mustard’s comments for that type of age talk.

    I do believe his handle is back from WW 1 days when you treated various ailments with mustard.

    With the video, it’s easy to see as of when it’s fake, but would have been nearly impossible to tell from the audience.
    I like her dress.

  15. QB says:

    Rakarich: “I get no respect…” 😉

  16. Rich says:

    Not too old yet. I just usually don’t dig humor based on bodily functions. I haven’t since I was about ten years old.

  17. gregallen says:

    In my observation, it is very rare that such an attractive woman will do “gross out” physical comedy.

    Probably they think it will turn the guys off.

    They couldn’t be more wrong.

  18. canusmell says:

    Funny but not really original…


  19. Kelvington says:

    I thought it was clever and funny, I just wished they had shown more of the audience whom were somewhat uncomfortable, until they got the joke.

    She had very good comedic timing and if you actually had that much air inside your body, you would look like Yaphet Koto at the end of “Live and Let Die”.

    Nice trick though.

  20. flyingelvis says:

    richardbt71 ……

    Nope. However, i wouldn’t mind seeing yours, but only if she’s hot.

  21. Uncle Patso says:

    Is it just me or did the video disappear? I’ve tried it with three machines so far (W98, XP, Linux) with Firefox 2 and Opera — all I see is a blank space. (Haven’t tried the Mac yet.) IE6 at least outlines the space but only shows the little square, circle & triangle in a tiny box in the upper left corner.

  22. Peter iNova says:

    No show on a mac…

  23. Mr. Fusion says:

    Very funny !!!

    When will they post the “Hoax exposed” part so we can see how she really did nit?

  24. bobbo says:

    This video didn’t show up for me until just now AFTER upgrading to Firefox 3.o on my pc with xp. Thats staying right on the cutting edge of software unless something else was going on?

    Not to be anal on the subject, but I wonder why she didn’t make it a troika?


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