1. Les says:


  2. Freyar says:

    Seems broken. Anyone else have this problem?

  3. Mac Guy says:

    I don’t care if there’s a crossguard or not. I ALWAYS check for trains at every crossing.


  4. deowll says:

    All I can say is that this guy’s number must not have been up because he was sure asking to die. I wonder if he learned anything?

    It ran fine for me. I’m using the most recent version of IE. I have noted that on firefox under linux that some things run better and some not at all. In fact under IE I click one control to run some vidio podcasts and have to click another option to get the same podcast to run with firefox for linux. Often the one that works with linux tells me no such web page with IE.

    I can run more sites with IE but a few seem to run better with firefox on linux. I consider this more of a browser issue than an OS issue.

    Y’all have fun now.

  5. bac says:

    Not only does this person have a death wish but also is a budding murderer. I can’t tell if there are passengers in the car but there are people on the train. There is a possibility that the train might derail after hitting the car. The person in the car doesn’t seem to care about the people on the train.

    By the way, the video worked fine using Opera 9.5 running on Linux.

  6. chris says:

    I hate to be “that guy” but it looks fake.

  7. The first time I tried it, it locked up my computer (Vista/ Firefox), and had to reboot. Worked like a charm using OS X/ Firefox though.

    Fucking Microsoft.

  8. eyeofthetiger says:

    Is there really a need to put a camera there and at such a horrible angle? Silly Europeans.

  9. ol,waterman says:

    I am betting the eng. and/or the driver had to change his panties after that.

  10. Winston says:

    Chris, I think you’re right that it’s faked. At the beginning of the video, you can see a cyclist drive by on the road to the left. He travels the full length of the road visible in the image. Then, a car comes down the same road and simply vanishes. Shortly thereafter, a car crosses the tracks. After the train passes, you can see two vehicles travel the full length of the same road. The honking of the train horn approaching a crossing could easily be SOP in Europe as it is here.

  11. It’s fake. Keep your eyes on the gate. The car drives through it before it lifts up intact.

  12. Miss_X2b says:

    This happens in New Jersey all the time. The railroad crossing near my house is call “The Bermuda Triangle of New Jersey Transit, cars go in, but they don’t come out”. There are gates, bells and lights signaling to STOP but drivers ignore them and drive around the gates. Every year, MANY people lose their lives this way. I can’t tell you why people do this sort of stupid stuff. As much as I don’t believe in psychotherapy maybe Sigmund Freud was right about one thing, people have a death wish.

  13. cgp4dvorac says:

    I concur its a fake.
    The background car disappears.

  14. Bob West says:

    Played on my System “Vista” with no problem, both with IE7 and FF3.

  15. DanOCan says:

    Mister Mustard: It played fine for me with the combination of Vista/Firefox. Maybe you shouldn’t be quite so quick to blame MS for all of your problems.

    As for the video itself, this sort of thing happens all the time — way too often — and the car always loses.

  16. rudedog says:

    What I don’t understand here in the US we get stupid people like this all the time, but not because they have a death wish. But because they don’t want to wait for the very very very long train.

    That was a >20 second train? Why even take a chance, if it was real or not.

  17. Mr. Catshit says:

    I’ve seen similar happen at the local crossing here. None as close as that, but, …

    Ya, this ran fine on XP & Firefox 2.0. There have been a few lately that have given me difficulty.

    It appears real to me. I don’t see anything indicating it’s fake. However, the camera angle might just have an explanation and there appears to be a road parallel to the tracks on the left. What might be throwing people is that in Europe they actually have commuter trains.

  18. edwinrogers says:

    Not a fake. In Britain cars drive on the left side of the road, the driver of the Prius moved to the right side of the level-crossing to clear the barrier arm. Was probably wearing an iPod while driving, I guess.

  19. BobHand says:

    I agree with Edwin. Didn’t anybody notice that he was changing lanes and weaving through the gates?

  20. greg allen says:

    That fact that someone is present with a video camera always raises a red “fake flag” for me. It was clearer than any security camera I’ve seen.

  21. Eric Susch says:

    Fake. The street on the left is indeed the key. Cars disappear halfway down the road. The train and the car crossed at different times and someone matted them together for a near miss.

  22. Mark T. says:

    “That fact that someone is present with a video camera always raises a red “fake flag” for me.”

    Well, if it is in Britain as noted before, there would be cameras EVERYWHERE! This looks like it was taken with a fixed traffic monitoring camera. The home country of George Orwell is covered with the damn things, as noted at DU on numerous occasions.

    Anyway, aren’t Prius owners supposed to be highly intelligent? Maybe this proves they’re morons.

  23. GregAllen says:

    >> Mark T. said, on June 30th, 2008 at 4:17 pm
    >> Well, if it is in Britain as noted before, there would be cameras EVERYWHERE!

    Your surveillance cameras must be a lot better than ours usually are.

    Here in the States, most surveillance cameras are really low-fi. The one in this video looks much better.

    Also, it struck me as an odd placement for a traffic camera. In the states they always place them so they can read the license plates. In this video, it looks places to catch this specific event — always a suspicious thing. (like those endless videos of somebody chainsawing a tree or replacing a light bulb before the funny accident.)

    BUT, I’m not making any pseudo-certain claims about this. I’m just saying how my BS meter works.

  24. Mark T. says:


    Sorry, I didn’t mean to give the impression that I am in the UK. I have just read many articles about how they now have one camera for every 14 citizens.


  25. GregAllen says:

    Oops, I was presumptuous. I try not to do that on blogs but it’s an easy mistake.

    I’ve heard that about the camera crazy UK — there have been several posts about it here on this blog.

    One memorable story was of two women who got arrested because they flashed Big Brother! For some reason, Dvorak didn’t show us the video feed of that one!

    I did a quick Google and see that the charges were dropped.

    The one on the left (woman, not knocker) is kind of attractive: http://tinyurl.com/3w3glh


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