OZARK, Mo. — A family from Branson wants answers about what happened to their son that left him hospitalized. Early Saturday morning, police found Mace Hutchinson, 16, underneath the Highway F overpass over U.S. 65. Mace ended up in intensive care at a hospital. His parents believe the actions of Ozark police officers contributed to his injuries and slowed doctors’ abilities to speed his recovery. “We called the police. My wife was afraid he was going to get ran over or hit,” said witness Doug Messersmith. Messersmith and his wife were the last known people to see 16-year-old boy walking, shortly before their phone call to 911.

“He looked a little agitated but, other than that, he didn’t look to be falling down drunk or anything like that,” he said. By the time officers arrived, the teen was off the 30-foot overpass, lying on the shoulder below along U.S. 65, with no good explanation as to how he got there. “According to the doctors, all injuries are consistent with a fall,” said his aunt, Samantha. “They tested his system. He was clean of drugs and alcohol. We don’t know why unless just being in shock and the whole thing in itself caused him to forget everything,” said Hutchinson. While he was lying on the ground, she wonders why Ozark police used an electric stun gun on him up to 19 times. “I’m not an officer, but i don’t see the reason for ‘Tasering’ somebody laying there with a broken back. I don’t consider that a threat,”

“The ‘Tasering’ increased his white blood cell count and caused him to have a temperature so they could not go into the operation.” “He refused to comply with the officers and so the officers had to deploy their Tasers in order to subdue him. He is making incoherent statements; he’s also making statements such as, ‘Shoot cops, kill cops,’ things like that. So there was cause for concern to the officers,” said Ozark Police Capt. Thomas Rousset. “It’s a big concern for the officers to keep this guy out of traffic, to keep him from getting hurt,” said Rousset.

Right, how hard could it be to subdue a kid with a broken back. Instead of going into arrest mode, I would think they would be in “rescue” mode. There is something very strange about this story and I’m not buying it.

  1. RTaylor says:

    Everyone brings their own experience and prejudices to these sensational reports. The facts takes a while to trickle in, but we’re off to the next one minute news segment by then. That’s why I stopped watching TV news. At some point it turned into entertainment and pandering to the viewers.

  2. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    I was told that the peace officers were participating in a shock therapy experiment with the local hospital in rescue techniques. This particular experiment would be the application of electric impulses to the subject. The hope was that these electronic applications would cause the leg muscles to contract and enable the test subject to walk. Unfortunately this was not the expected outcome. Further tests will follow. This technology has the capability to free up emergency and security resources if injury victims have the ability to walk to the hospital on their own.

  3. c0d3r says:

    Please take away this leson: family members should not call the police about other family members. The rules are different and harsh when family reports family. Peole should understand they’ve asked for an armed response. It’s not their pastor or shrink or uncle or drinking buddy they’ve called. They’ve call Law Enforcement. Again, please think long and hard before you decide men and women with firearms need to referee whatever fine mess that took decades to for you to muck up now needs immediate resolution.

  4. JimD says:

    The Taser – the Cops TORTURE WEAPON OF CHOICE !!!

  5. Rabble Rouser says:

    Bad cop… No doughnut!

  6. MotaMan says:

    Ozarks says it all

  7. The Real Truth says:

    Here is the truth because a lot of you seem to have it all confused. The boy was seen on the bridge and it was unknown what he was doing there. A second call was received stating there was a boy on 65 on the shoulder. Cops arrive, two to be exact, and stated that the boy would not comply with their commands. The boy was tasered 19 times by only two tasers. Each time you pull the trigger it gives you a five second ride. So you do the math of how long all together he was tased. Then after the two cops got the boy “into custody” he was transported to the hospital. Just so you know the previous information I have given is factual based on the police report that I have seen myself. Also the tasers have a memory that can not be erased and they are downloaded onto a encrypted computer program which also can not be erased. This keeps the cops in check but in this case the cops will be checked and will pay for their wrongdoings. Just wanted to make sure everyone has the story straight. If you have any other questions let me know.


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