1. Madtownmoxie says:

    That is very cool…Pointless but cool nonetheless!

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    WOW !!!

  3. Ron Larson says:

    Jeep has been using this same watershow fountain for a while at autoshows. Here is an article about how it works, and a video of what they did for Jeep.

  4. M0les says:

    Um.. hang on.. I gotta pee..

    (I think Chrysler/Jeep had a smaller scale ad more tasteful one of these in the Detroit Auto Show, didn’t they?)

  5. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    Big deal. I can do that when I piss.

  6. kanjy says:

    That’s a neat fountain! I would like one in my front yard. One flaw I noticed is that the water falls faster at the bottom, causing unevenly stretched images. That’s because of physics, but I bet the Japanese could come up with a solution to offset it.

  7. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    #6 They could shoot the water at terminal velocity so gravity would not affect the acceleration of the water drops. Uniformity of space between the droplets would result in consistent image resolution.

  8. Joe Bob says:

    It’s a hoax. All videos on the internet are fake.

  9. hhopper says:

    You have just been excommunicated from the Church of HHopper.

  10. BubbaRay says:

    I kept waiting to see profiles of famous people, like Alfred Hitchcock for example. What a mesmerizing display. And only 8 comments to get to “fake!”

    Imagine how cool that would be in 3D, with a grid of valves.

  11. Mick says:

    It’s not bad, but where is the hi def version

  12. Rich says:

    How about something interesting- like snippets of the daily news? Also, the water makes a graceless slopping sound when it hits the bottom. Could they use some kind of pressurized air system (or other) to gather the water before it hits and eliminate that sound? Also possibly illuminate the water streams with different colored lights.

  13. augustus says:

    I believe that these were originally developed by Bruce Shapiro, who is not Japanese but American. His website: http://www.taomc.com has a lot of amazing devices related to this.

  14. Mr. Fusion says:

    #10, Bubba,

    Great idea. The problem that I see with 3D would be that each water droplet has a semi opaque / reflective surface thus limiting the detail visible in the interior. That very opacity is what defines the shape so you can’t really do away with it.

    I’m sure that brighter minds than mine could work it out. Then it would be totally awesome !!!

  15. Book reviews says:

    This fountain is a great attraction.It produces a great show for the children and their parents.

  16. Me says:

    Can you guys say anything good about this. You didn’t come up with it you didn’t make this a display for all to see. Get over yourself. If this thing bugs you so bad then why don’t you make one better instead of complaining about everything that is wrong with it. Geez grow up..I liked it i thought it was neat. And i give props to whoever came up with it.

  17. Dr D says:

    It is high tech art. I enjoyed it!!
    Joe Bob is a funny guy!!
    Monster’s Lawyer seems to be fairly well educated in the science area!!

  18. deeznutz says:

    I gotta PEE now!

  19. Thrill says:

    #4 is right, Jeep started using these at least 5-6 years ago at the Detroit Auto Show, which makes me wonder why this was new earlier this year in Japan.

  20. luckycanuck says:

    Of course it was not invented by Japanese. They do not think ‘out of the box,’ but are very good at making changes one little step by little step until designed obsolescence in one hundred percent on track for each little piece to fail at the same time. All ya have to do is look at all the Jap junk cluttering our streets invented by a German, Englishman, Frenchman and copied by Japan as ‘their own.’ Ask Harley Davidson about this. Do U ever see any old Jap cars? No! What about wrapping women’s feet? They would still be killing us with swords if Americans hadn’t taught them how to make war weapons. Now our greatest strength is out in the open. Yeahhhh Jeep, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, makers of the best cars in the world. The fountain is still interesting, even if it’s not what they claim. Just another example of us giving our espertise away.

  21. Joyce says:

    SMAZING! So creative!

  22. FWC-Cliff says:

    That is really incredible. Most people won’t truly appreciate the speed at which the gates for the water have to open and close to get that sort of effect. It is really amazing!

  23. Amazing Dude says:

    The Japanese didn’t wrap women’s feet, Luckycanuck.

  24. Big John says:

    #20, Canada’s unlucky to have you.

  25. ron says:

    Cant see the point of it, although the technology
    is very interesting,but not fully explained.

  26. buzzsaw says:

    Quit yer bitchin’ an jist watch the dang thing

  27. Helder C. says:

    I wonder if this team is selling …

  28. Sagar R. Panchal says:

    it’s realy wondered, i like to know how it works.

  29. mohammad_r says:

    it’s realy wondered, i like to know how it works.


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