• iPod batteries overheating in Japan.
  • Meanwhile, Jobs says he’ll fix crashing iPhone.
  • More on the bigfoot scam.
  • Google Android phone is real.
  • Yahoo opening up Buzz to the public. Sounds like Digg to me.
  • Researchers say Vista gets dumped from 1/3 of enterprise PC’s.
  • Microsoft dropping fees left and right. They also like tailored search now.
  • IDF in play in San Francisco.
  • MSNBC behind the times.
  • 29-percent of Internet users buy from spam solicitations.

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  1. #1 – ‘dro

    Who said anything about bad Vista stories?

  2. geofgibson says:

    Mustard, look at the header. Or spend five minutes and listen to JCD.
    “Researchers say Vista gets dumped from 1/3 of enterprise PC’s.”

  3. Steve S says:

    “29-percent of Internet users buy from spam solicitations.”
    I don’t care if they are selling lumps of gold for a penny, on general principal alone you NEVER NEVER NEVER buy from a spam ad!!! A 29% response will only guarantee that we will see more and more spam thrown at us.
    Freaking Idiots!!!

  4. hhopper says:

    Same deal with phone solicitations. Some dumbass people will buy anything from anyone.

  5. Uncle Patso says:

    Holy Moley! 29 percent have bought from Spam? They, each and every one, deserve to get a good whop upside the head! I thought they taught in kindergarten and grade school through 12th grade that YOU DO NOT BUY FROM SPAM!!! You do not acknowledge it in any way, you do not even “Click here to be removed from our list”!!! There can’t be that many newbies still!?

    As Charlie Brown has so eloquently stated: AAAUGH!!!

  6. Steve04 says:

    #4 and #5: Too much junk e-mail, and too many junk phone calls are the reason I use an answering machine to screen my phone calls, have a pager for those who need to immediately contact me, and use a whitelist to deal with all e-mail (only already approved senders get through, everything else is automatically marked as junk mail). I think the only way to get it to decrease is for no one to respond to it.

  7. hhopper says:

    Exactly… but when you have to rely on the general public to solve a problem, you’re out of luck.


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